February 24, 2016


 For over 30 years, KOSÉ SEKKISEI has been restoring translucence to women’s skin. Created based on an age-old ‘beautiful translucent skin recipe’, SEKKISEI’s gentle yet effective brightening products are world-famous. Since its launch in 1985, rumours of SEKKISEI’s effects have spread through word of mouth. 

It’s never too early to begin one’s journey towards a beautiful complexion. Specially-designed for skin translucency, SEKKISEI products harness the power of Oriental Herb extracts, which are carefully-selected from about 100 different plants, creating a harmonious and skin-loving formula that gives women brighter, even-toned and moisturised skin. 

This year, fall in love with 5 star products from KOSÉ SEKKISEI, which come together in its special edition trial kit! A trio of oriental plant extracts: Coix Seed, Melothria (White Lotus) and Angelica work diligently to keep your skin in perfect condition, protected from the harsh environment.

KOSÉ in collaboration with The Butterfly Project surprised me with a HUGE parcel when I came back from work ^^

What's inside?

What a beautiful surprise =)
The big heart shaped balloon popping out was awesome!

Small cute balloons accompanied SEKKISEI trial kit =)

The SEKKISEI trial kit is priced at RM99 (GST included), and includes the following:
SEKKISEI White Liquid Wash 20ml
SEKKISEI Lotion 100ml
SEKKISEI Emulsion 70ml
SEKKISEI Clear Whitening Mask 10g
Bihadagoyomi mask 3pcs
Exclusive Setsuko pouch (kimono style or city chic style)

Now, let's try the set.

SEKKISEI White Liquid Wash (140ml/RM131.40)
Cleanse skin without stripping away moisture with this delicate cleanser. Taurine-based cleansing agents leave skin clean and hydrated; while Rubus Suavissmus Extract enhance skin dullness and soothes UV damage. Skin is restored to its optimal condition, ready for the next skincare step.

Just pump onto palm and lather.

Wash face thoroughly and skin feels fresh thereafter.

SEKKISEI Clear Whitening Mask (80g/RM94.30)
A gentle peel-off mask that removes dullness and dead skin cells, brightens and hydrates at the same time! Chinese Quince extract inhibits sebum production, while a blend of oriental plant extracts deliver supreme whitening benefits. Nano-sized black powder allows the mask to spread easily. 

Surprised me when I saw the liquid was black in colour hehe

Just spread onto entire face and wait for it to dry.
This is actually quite fun to put on- especially when it scared my mom hehe

After 20 minutes, peel off the mask to reveal brighter skin.

SEKKISEI Lotion (200ml/RM180.20, 360ml/RM275.60) 
This SEKKISEI bestseller contains ingredients carefully-selected out of 100 types of oriental plants. Used as a toner or a mask, the fine-textured hydrating lotion balances out skin’s moisture levels, prevents dullness, soothes redness and more. 

This bestseller is my favourite product! In fact, I have been using this toner for quite some time and it's my daily go to product especially when it can be used in 2 ways.

Used as toner:
Wet a cotton pad with the lotion.

And dab on skin.

Used as mask:
KOSÉ’s tip: For instant hydration, pour SEKKISEI Lotion until the mask tablet puffs up. Place on face for 10 minutes and notice instantly hydrated skin!

I used a bowl to soak the mask.

Wait for it to puff up and open up the mask.

Place on face for a cooling sensation and to calm skin.

SEKKISEI Emulsion (140ml/RM191.80)
This quick-absorbing moisturiser works deep into skin, preventing freckles, dark spots and dryness. Ingredients like Inula Britanica Flower, Chinese Pearl Barley, Paeonia Albiflora Root, Melothria Heterophylla and Angelica reveal a more translucent complexion.  

You can either pump directly onto fingers or apply 1 to 2 pumps on a cotton pad and sweep over skin. 

Skin feels so moisturised and glowing after just a week of usage!

Thank you The Butterfly Project and KOSÉ for the beautiful surprise and for taking great care of my skin =)
My skin was prepped just right before Chinese New Year for a healthy glow!

For more information about SEKKISEI and its new special edition trial kit, follow KOSÉ Malaysia on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/kose.malaysia) or visit the KOSÉ Malaysia website at www.kose.com.my.

February 23, 2016

Food for thought

Something I plucked out of Facebook:

In a brief conversation, a man asked a woman he was pursuing the question: 'What kind of man are you looking for?'

She sat quietly for a moment before looking him in the eye & asking, 'Do you really want to know?'
Reluctantly, he said, 'Yes.'

She began to expound, 'As a woman in this day & age, I am in a position to ask a man what can you do for me that I can't do for myself? I pay my own bills. I take care of my household without the help of any man... or woman for that matter. I am in the position to ask, 'What can you bring to the table?'
The man looked at her. Clearly he thought that she was referring to money.
She quickly corrected his thought & stated, 'I am not referring to money. I need something more. I need a man who is striving for excellence in every aspect of life.

He sat back in his chair, folded his arms, & asked her to explain.
She said, 'I need someone who is striving for excellence mentally because I need conversation & mental stimulation. I don't need a simple-minded man. I need someone who is striving for excellence spiritually because I don't need to be unequally yoked...believers mixed with unbelievers is a recipe for disaster. I need a man who is striving for excellence financially because I don't need a financial burden. I need someone who is sensitive enough to understand what I go through as a woman, but strong enough to keep me grounded. I need someone who has integrity in dealing with relationships. Lies and game-playing are not my idea of a strong man. I need a man who is family-oriented. One who can be the leader, priest and provider to the lives entrusted to him by God.

I need someone whom I can respect. In order to be submissive, I must respect him. I cannot be submissive to a man who isn't taking care of his business. I have no problem being submissive...he just has to be worthy.

And by the way, I am not looking for him...He will find me. He will recognize himself in me. He may not be able to explain the connection, but he will always be drawn to me. God made woman to be a help-mate for man. I can't help a man if he can't help himself.

When she finished her spiel, she looked at him. He sat there with a puzzled look on his face. He said, 'You are asking a lot.
She replied, "I'm worth a lot".

February 17, 2016

Deadpool movie

Deadpool is one of those WTF movie, but in a good funny way HAHA
First of all, I just gotta say, if Ryan Reynolds wasn't the main star in this movie, it would have been a flop.

Aside from that handsome face and hot body, he is actually rather scary looking as Deadpool but he is Ryan Reynolds, so you can put that aside and still enjoy his jokes!

This is Marvel Comic's most unconventional anti-hero. If you don't understand half of what I'm saying here, it's okay because half the time, you will also go WTF in the movie.

So basically, Wade Wilson got himself into an experiment to cure his cancer only to find out that it went rogue but left him with new abilities and a scarred face. So he is on the hunt for the people who nearly destroyed his life. That's when he adopted his alter-ego, Deadpool.

Deadpool actually talks to the audience in the cinema. Yes, you! If you're watching it, he actually knows that you're watching him LOL and he has a dark twisted humour with much vulgarity. When we watched the movie, it wasn't censored so there were many F-bombs in the movie. It's for adults 18 and above by the way, so no kids are allowed!

There were constant jokes about cliches and Deadpool even joked about Ryan Reynolds HAHA. For the most part, there wasn't much storyline so just sit back and enjoy the jokes. Don't expect too much out of this movie.

My rating: 3 stars

February 12, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year 2016!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Yes, I know, it's a bit late haha
But then again Chinese New Year spreads til 15 days so there's still plenty of time =p

So, how has the festive week been treating you guys?
I have been tossing yee sang 2 weeks before this and come the reunion dinner was probably my 7th lou sang LOL I lost count on the number of dinners I attended and don't even want to count how much weight I've gained -_- I forsee this year to be my fattest year *sheeshh* Fat, once gained, is so hard to lose >.<

But anyway, Malaysian festive season is all about food so enjoy your food today. Diet starts tomorrow HAHA

Have safe trips to and fro hometown and to those who are not married, enjoy collecting all the ang pows (like me) =) May this year of the monkey be a year of prosperity, good health and wealth and a successful year ahead!

Mentholathum Botanics facial care series

Inspired by the goodness of nature from the earth, Mentholatum has developed a brand new facial care series called the BOTANICS that offers consumers not only the best skincare results but at an affordable price. BOTANICS uses the finest ingredients with the highest quality natural herbal essences from flowers and herbs to give you the best experience which only nature can produce. Each herb and flower were carefully selected based on their unique properties to offer exceptional results.

Thanks to The Butterfly Project, we were invited to see first hand on the launch of the BOTANICS series.

The BOTANICS consists of four range of products namely tube face wash, foaming wash, pump wash and sheet masks to offer consumers a relaxing nature’s experience. Each of these range includes a variety of offerings to suit various skin conditions. 

We had a beauty consultant to explain to us about the products.

Basically, in the Botanics series, there are only facial washes. You may mix and match with other brands for toners and moisturisers. There are 3 types of facial washes namely tube face wash, foaming wash and pump wash.

The Face Wash tube comes in 4 variants which are Hydra Whitening, Pore Refining, Deep Cleansing and Hydrating.

Pump Wash comes in 2 variants namely Deep Clean and Moisturising & Brightening.

The Foaming Wash comes in 2 variants namely Oil & Blemish Control and Whitening.

The sheet mask comes in 5 variants namely the Aloe Vera Hydrating Facial Mask, Pomegranate Anti-Oxidant Facial Mask, Rosemary Pore Refining Facial Mask, Rosehip Oil Brightening Facial Mask and Lavender for Soothing Facial Mask.

During the launch, they even provided us with a variety of herbs to make our very own tea bag *loves* Everything is so au naturel!
I mixed all kinds of herbs into my tea bag and it turned out not bad actually!

This recyclable cup is great for tea/coffee takeaways lovers!

Here's the breakdown review of the Botanic series:

Face Wash, 100g (RM14.90)

This face wash is suitable for users who prefer a handy tube and a simple squeeze that can perform an effective cleansing task on the face.

Deep Cleansing Face Wash
o Refresh with the uplifting scent of lemongrass when you cleanse your face with this Deep Cleansing Face Wash. It contains Ylang-Ylang and Tea Tree Extract as the main ingredients as well as White Tea and Olive Tea that helps balance oil, deep cleanse and purifies pores
o This face wash also helps prevent blemishes and blackhead occurrence and it’s suitable for oily and combination skin types

Hydra Whitening Face Wash
o It is formulated with Arbutin Bearberry that brightens the skin and enhances skin fairness. It also contains Agave that helps retain skin moisture and promotes collagen synthesis to protect the skin against environmental harm. 
o This face wash removes dirt and impurities deep inside the skin along with any excessive oil while maintaining natural balance of water in skin.
o It’s suitable for all skin types

Hydrating Face Wash
o Let the calming scent of Jasmine relax you as you wash your face. This face wash deeply hydrates the skin as it cleanses. 
o It contains Calendula and Jasmine as the main ingredients as well as Aloe Extract and Violet which have moisturising properties. Its soothing properties also rejuvenate dry, irritated and sensitive skin 
o It is suitable for dry and also combination skin types

Pore Refining Face Wash
o Contains the uplifting scent of Orange Flower, this face wash deeply cleanse pores to remove oil, dirt and impurities.
o It contains Rosemary and Witch Hazel as the main ingredients as well as Lentil and Green Tea which helps to minimize pores, control oil and fights acne causing bacteria
o It’s suitable for oily and combination skin types.

The texture is not foamy and is like your normal everyday face wash.

Just cleanse face thoroughly and wash off.

Pump Wash, 150ml (RM21.90)

Pump wash is certainly convenient and it controls the usage amount much more effectively. Just a pump or two, that’s all you need for a clean relaxing wash.

Deep Clean Face Wash
o Contains Ylang-Ylang and Tea Tree Extract as the key ingredients for oil control, prevention of blemishes and it’s also soothing on the skin. It also contains other soothing and moisturising ingredients such as Cucumber and Aloe Vera
o The Lemongrass scent refreshes your every wash and puts you in a relaxing mood
o It’s suitable for oily and combination skin

Moisturising and Brightening Face Wash
o Formulated with Rosehip Oil that is rich in Vitamin C and Pearl Extract to help brighten, tone and improve skin’s luminosity
o It’s suitable for all skin types

The texture is dense and it will lather into foam easily once mixed with water.

Foam Wash, 160ml (RM25.90)

One pump and it comes out like a blob of foam. Easy to use and wet your face before washing with foam. Don't mix the foam with water in your palm otherwise it becomes diluted.

If you like your facial cleanser all foamy then this is the product for you. 
Oil & Blemish Control Foam Wash
o It contains Ylang-Ylang and Tea Tree Extracts as the main ingredients as well as Wild Pansy that are effective in curbing blemishes.
o Skin will feel revitalised and refreshed after a wash 
o The scent of lemongrass is simply refreshing and it calms you after a long day at work
o It’s suitable for oily and combination skin

Whitening Foam Wash
o Enjoy the wonderful scent of Rose as you cleanse your face
o It contains Aloe Extract and Narcissus that have moisturising properties while at the same time brightens the skin as you cleanse your face
o It’s suitable for all skin types

The BOTANICS Sheet Mask is infused with herbal essence and enriched with Hyaluronic Acid to repair and rejuvenate your skin while you close your eyes and relax.

Sheet Mask, 22ml/pouch (RM6.90)

Rosemary Pore Refining Facial Mask 
With Rosemary and Witch Hazel as the key ingredients, the herbal essence kicks in to help diminish the appearance of enlarged pores for a more refined, soft and smooth skin texture while retaining moisture for firmer skin. It is also enriched with Vitamin B3 to protect skin against environmental damage. This mask is suitable for all skin types and especially for oily and combination skin.

This is the right mask for my oily/combination skin!

Other mask variant includes:

Aloe Vera Hydrating Facial Mask 
Formulated with the finest blend of Natural Herbal Extracts such as Aloe Vera and Narcissus that hydrate and soothe the skin apart from reviving dull-looking and tired skin. This mask is suitable for all skin types and especially dry skin

Pomegranate Anti-Oxidant Facial Mask 
Blended with Pomegranate and Natural Herbal Extracts, it protects the skin from free radical damage which causes skin aging. It also awakens and moisturizes the skin with naturally rich anti-oxidants. This mask is suitable for all skin types

Rosehip Oil Brightening Facial Mask
Rosehip Oil is naturally rich in Vitamin C to help brighten skin tone and improve skin luminosity leaving the skin looking healthy with enhanced natural radiance. It is also enriched with Vitamin B3 that protects the skin against environmental damage while it helps to revive dull skin and evens out skin tone for a more radiant and healthy looking complexion. This mask is suitable for all skin types.

Lavender for Soothing Facial Mask

Refresh and re-energize with a soothing blend of Lavender and Chamomile that calms and reawaken the skin. It helps soothe, repair and pamper skin while protecting the delicate skin against environmental damage. This mask is suitable for all skin types and especially sensitive skin.

After the facial foam and the mask, face feels brighter and rejuvenated =)

The BOTANICS series is available only at Guardian stores nationwide from January 2016 onwards.

Thank you The Butterfly Project in collaboration with Mentholatum for this wonderful introduction to the new Botanics series =)