July 31, 2010

St Anne's feast

Saint Anne was the mother of Mary and grandmother of Jesus Christ. Saint Anne may be recognised by her depiction of holding Mary who in turn holds an infant Christ.

Every year thousands of people will celebrate Saint Anne's feast day. In Malaysia, people will travel all the way to Bukit Mertajam to visit the St.Anne's church to celebrate the feast day. It always falls at the end of July every year.

I, on the other hand, usually celebrate Saint Anne's feast at the church in Port Klang. This year is no different. Boy, were there hundreds of people in a rather small church. It overflowed with Catholics and non-Catholics from all over places. There were too many of us that many had to stand even outside of the church. Luckily, there's projections and loud speaker. Even the hall was full!! It was fully packed and hawkers took advantage to sell their tidbits and many other stuffs to the people to earn some extra money.

It was a normal mass only that it was a feast day. It was 2 and a half hours long. After that there was procession but my family didn't join in. It was just too crowded! People flock the church every year to have their prayers answered or to thank St.Anne for their answered prayers. It is like the Catholic version of Thaipusam or something like that.

This is the story on how St Anne became a important feast day:

In Scranton, a church named after St.Anne was built. Six years passed, when on the morning of August 15, 1911 the people suddenly noticed signs of serious disturbance underneath the property caused by subsidence of the underlying coal mines. A huge slide seriously damaged the entire building. The disastrous movement continued for a week and the residents had to be evacuated. Experts feared the total destruction of Saint Anne's. The conviction grew that nothing but the special protection of "good Saint Anne" could save the building. The Fathers replied: "Saint Anne will take care of her own". Engineers inspected the situation and reported that the subsidence was over and everything secure and safe.

Less than 2 years later, and two days after the feast of Saint Anne, on July 28th 1913, came another scare. A mining expert called the residents saying the worst squeeze known in local mining history had just taken place and that it was not safe for anyone to stay in the building. A great slide was carrying the entire area to the east. The whole hill was going and nothing on earth could save the church. It was doomed to collapse. The next morning mining experts were shocked to discover that the mighty slide had suddenly stopped, turned back, and actually settled solidly directly under the monastery. The great fissures were closed by the impact of the slide which actually saved Saint Anne's church. One expert said it was a miracle: "The Lord Almighty through the prayer of Saint Anne had done more that night for the residence than all the engineers in the world could ever do!"

A generous group of citizens got together to help repair Saint Anne's which was rededicated on Sunday July, 22, 1916, in a magnificent citywide outdoor celebration on the grounds. Father Nicholas Ward, was an intelligent, holy priest with an exceptional devotion to Saint Anne. Often he predicted that Saint Anne's monastery would in time be a place of public pilgrimage to which people would flock. He died at Saint Anne's church in 1922. After his death, devotion to Saint Anne greatly increased.

On Nov 3, 1924 the first public devotions in honour of Saint Anne were begun in the little chapel on the first floor of the church. Week after week larger congregations came to the services. By the spring of 1925 novena devotions had to be held outdoors in a tent.

The history of the church and novena shows that the hand of God has made Saint Anne's a holy place where prayers are heard and answered. During that very first year, novena advocates wrote close to four thousand letters of thanksgiving for favors granted by the prayers of Saint Anne.

Good St. Anne, you were especially favored by God to be the mother of the most holy Virgin Mary, the Mother of our Savior. By your power with your most pure daughter and with her divine Son, kindly obtain for us the grace and the favor we now seek. Please secure for us also forgiveness of our past sins, the strength to perform faithfully our daily duties and the help we need to persevere in the love of Jesus and Mary. Amen.

July 30, 2010

Celeb weddings!!

It got me thinking they are quite a few celebrities getting hitched around this time of the year. One of them is our very own Malaysian beauty queen, Andrea Fonseka that got married in a church wedding today with her Australian fiance, Paul Dewar.

                                                      I think they make a handsome couple =)

Besides that, just recently Orlando Bloom got married to his Victoria's Secret model girlfriend, Miranda Kerr. It was announced that they will be expecting their first child together.

                                                     Their baby's gona be absolutely gorgeous!

Also, Megan Fox married her long-time beau, Brian Austin Green in Hawaii on 24th June. It was a private ceremony of four and they were wed by a local Hawaian priest. Brian's son from a previous marriage was the only witness.

                                                 Megan looked smokin' in this Armani gown!

Carrie Underwood also swapped vows with her NHL player fiance, Michael Fisher. They had a beautiful ceremony in Ritz Carlton on July 10th.

                                                    The blushing bride and her husband

Further, there are quite a few about to get hitched. One would be the quirky singer, Katy Perry and her comedian fiance, Russell Brand. It is rumoured that they may get married soon in a lavish ceremony.

                                             They make an odd couple but somehow it works!

Then, there's this big hoo-haa over the upcoming nuptials of Chelsea Clinton and Wall Street hedge fund beau, Marc Mezvinsky. The details are top secret and no one is allowed to say a word about it. So, there can only be speculations. Anyway, they will be married tomorrow, July 31.

and many others....!

I LOVE weddings =D I mean who doesnt love the sound of the wedding march, the blushing bride walking down the aisle with her father to meet her husband-to-be, the fresh scent of flowers, the bridal arch, the wedding dinner, beautiful gowns and suits and the ceremony itself is so happy and full of laughters. Now, that's a picture perfect day to get married.

I definitely want a traditional kind of wedding with a little modern twist- that big, white gown in a church wedding minus that chinese tradition of 'groom going through silly stuffs to get the bride' and a dinner with a big dance floor for guests to par-tay! Oh well, one can only dream =p It's too early for all these. Ask me in 10 years time and perhaps I may want a different kind of wedding hehe

July 29, 2010


Wow, time do fly by FAST! Before you know it it's more than the second half of the year. In three days time, it will be August...

I felt the first half of this year kinda went by like a breeze. Then after exams, it went by like a gust of wind =p To date, I have around 1 month plus before my second year in college. I thought I just finished exams like a few weeks back? Haha...time do go by fast without me realising it. I need more hols!!

So, the month of August has no holiday except on the 27th which is Nuzul Al-Quran and at the end of the month, 31st August which is Malaysian Independence Day. It will be Malaysia's 53rd year of independence. So, all schools, any public departments, certain houses and cars will carry the Malaysian flags, having the 1Malaysia logos and all sorts of patriotic stuffs to mark the month of patriotism or 'bulan patriotik'.

It will also be a month of fasting for the Malays. The 'buka puasa' bazaar will be almost everywhere. It will be so crowded of people. Malaysians of all races will want to try the Malay food offered in those bazaars. Then, the jam will worsened because all will be rushing back in time to break fast.

So, the month of August is definitely a month for tourists I guess. This is because if they want to see the Malaysian culture or witness our celebration of independence day, this is the month to visit. Many restaurants and hotels will have the 'buka puasa' promotions, raya sales and then there's the decorations in shopping complexes to give the feel of Malaysian culture.

I'm lucky that my intake is in September so that I do not have to join in the jam and the havoc of those celebrations. I can comfortably avoid all crowded places which I really dislike. Even previous times in school, we have to sing the patriotic songs over and over again, I need not do it now. I'm not particularly excited over these celebrations LOL but since I'm Malaysian, we do this every year.

I hope August go by a bit slow so that I do not need to start studying so fast *laughs* It's also my last month in the kindie and I'm already thinking that I'm gona miss my kids so much =p
Here's to another cheerful month!!

July 27, 2010

Sickness everywhere!!

A lot of people are contracting diseases from various sources these days...Must be extra extra cautious!!

The most notable one would be the ocassional flu, fever, sore throat and cough.

Due to the very hot and sometimes rainy days weather, our body cannot keep up with the climate. I would be really sweaty and super hot at some days while other days it'll be rainy the whole day where we don't even need air cond! It seems like most people are getting sick and I have been having certain flu symptons on and off. Especially when teaching those kids where almost the entire class are coughing and having runny nose XD It's contagious!!

Further, there's this Denggi going on. Selangor has been reported as having the highest number of Denggi cases. Now is also the mosquito season. There's like tons of mosquitoes at night if you don't shut your doors. But be extra careful of the Aedes mosquito. That tiny creature can be fatal and once beaten you will have Denggi and may contribute to your own death if not treated fast.

If you notice, Aedes mosquitoes have striped legs. Sometimes when you kill a mosquito, see whether they have striped legs and if they do, chances are they are more of that kind surrounding you. Then get ready your mosquito coils, aerosol cans and whatever else to prevent them from biting you.

Besides that, there's also the hand, foot and mouth disease making its comeback. To date, there has been 8 kindies that have closed down around Selangor because of the disease. It attacks children mostly and that's why kindergartens should take precautions.

Parents or if you have younger siblings should always remind the children to be hygenic. Wash hands after every bathroom trip and before eating and wipe all dirts on the tables to prevent the virus from infecting those children.

Wow, there's like so many diseases around us and people getting sick. I'm very cautious to not get myself infected too. I'm taking supplements for a healthy circulation. I also try very hard not to breathe in when someone coughs, not to go near anyone with a common cold, be very hygenic and hope that I will be well till this 'sick season' goes by.

So, be very very careful these days. Take care of yourself well and be healthy!!

July 25, 2010


Planting an idea into someone's mind; that is meant by inception!

Inception is a complicated but a thrilling movie. You must really concentrate throughout the movie to really go in depth with what's going on.

Firstly, a big salute towards Christopher Nolan for directing this awesome movie. Loved him from Dark Knight and he has proved once again what a spectacular director he is! Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed a complicated character flawlessly and it just made the movie even better.

You should watch it but remember to concentrate properly to get the storyline right LOL I was so into the movie without even spacing out or was distracted with any noises, so much so I felt like the movie was so long but so interesting. It was like I was also in the characters' dreams *laughs*

I do not normally like to watch this kind of movie. I prefer watching action or comedy without much thinking and evaluation but a change once in awhile is good. It shows how intelligent the screenwriter can be coming up with this out-of-world kind of situation. Never in my life I could have come up with such an idea!

So, is inception possible?

July 23, 2010

Book lover

I'm a book lover. I love books too much I can't resist going to bookstores every time I step foot into shopping complexes. I have so many story books until I have no where to store them LOL and yet I still keep buying more books and magazines *smiles* Naturally, I would be very excited when book fairs or warehouse sales come by. So, I was pretty excited at the pay less books warehouse sales at 3K inn.

The books are as low as RM3. There were many to choose from; fiction, non-fiction, hard covers, paperbacks, children books, magazines and many more..The place is also very nice and quiet and not like the 'pasar malam' kind.

So hurry! It's only from 23rd- 25th July(Fri-Sun) for all you book lovers out there.

July 22, 2010

Karate Kid and Back up plan

So, I've watched the two movies...

I only watched Karate Kid because of the great reviews it received. Well, I think it deserved all of it. I did not watch the original movie as this was the remake. But this movie is a great watch. It has good values, fantastic kug fu especially when you have Jackie Chan as the 'sifu' and some great comedy =p

Jaden Smith is quite funny actually especially during his kung fu sessions with Jackie. They make an odd good pair hehe

It's been quite some time since I've seen J.Lo in movies after the birth of her twins. This was just a laid back comedy movie. I would definitely recommend for a DVD kind of movie and not going to cinema. I thought the guy was very sweet in the movie and J.Lo's character was very insecure. Other than that, it was 18PL in the cinemas and I see nothing 18PL about this movie LOL

All I have been doing these days are going to work, eat, sleep, watch movies and shop. Life's great ain't it haha Oh, better still yesterday I went shopping and as a true shopaholic I thought I would definitely buy stuffs. But it turned out, I managed to control my spending habit and I did not spend a single cent yesterday LOL Even my mother was surprised when she didn't see me with shopping bags =p It was hard though. I wanted to buy a few things but I thought thoroughly and the put them back *smiles* So proud of myself LOL

Un-Healthy lifestyle

I'm definitely not leading a healthy lifestyle, I admit! I have been eating too much cakes, chocolates, ice- cream, fast food and maggi mee!!

Oh, no! I wonder how much fat I have put on since the holiday started. I can start the day with nasi lemak for breakfast and we all know how 'healthy' nasi lemak can be. I mean it's already in the name itself. Lemak means fat *laughs* Then I can have fast food for lunch then after dinner I'll indulge in chocolates or ice cream for desserts. Lastly, at night while watching TV I can be a couch potato chewing on chips, sweets and a can of gas drink. OMG! Looking at my menu, I think I'll have diabetes, high cholesterol and the amount of fat accumulating in my body is freaking me out!!

I'm so Malaysian. Thank God for my high metabolism rate or else I'll ballooned up into a baby elephant *laughs* I just cannot resist the speactacular food Malaysia has to offer. I'm a self-declared food lover! I sometimes eat 6 times a day; breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, dinner and supper.

I do try to put fruits into my diet and eat more vegetables and drink more water. But somehow I feel the junk food I put into my system is more than those healthy food =p I cannot help it. If someone offers me a piece of chocolate, I'll take it and eat it. When I see a coke in my fridge, I'll drink it. When I go to McD with my friends, I cannot resist buying the delicious french fries and the ice cream. So, how to be healthy??

The obesity rate in Malaysia is rising. It is definitely due to the food here!! Not so much because we're lazy to exercise and what not but because our intake is not healthy at all. Fast food is also one of the main reason. I can tell you, kids love KFC, McD, Pizza Hut and A&W. If they have been indulging in those since they were small how not to be fat when they grow bigger?

I, for one is super lazy to exercise. Only sometimes I follow my dad to the gym like maybe once in 3 months? Haha that's embarrasing! Alright, perhaps I should start leading a more healthy lifestyle. I should eat cereal bar for breakfast, no more fast food during lunch or dinner and during tea, brunch and supper time no more chocoloates and chips but instead fill myself with lots of fruits and vegetables.

So, now what do I do with my chocs, chips, canned drinks, cakes and sweets at home?


There's much criticisms surrounding the Filipino-borned singer Charice for getting Botox. She did it so that she could look better in the camera for her upcoming act in Glee!

I don't detest Botox but neither am I a fan of it. However, I think it's the most minor 'surgery' one can do to your body rather than major plastic surgery. I also think Charice is too young for Botox, no? Seriously, she's only 18 and doing Botox??!

People do Botox when they get wrinkles around their eyes or they have frown lines when they reach 40 or so...She did it so that she could look 'fresh' on camera LOL She's already a fresh face in the entertainment industry!

I do not despise her. In fact I'm addicted to her current hit, 'Pyramid' featuring Iyaz. She has a great voice and will probably go far in her career. Maybe Botox is a one off thing for her act in Glee. I think she should be comfortable in her own body, though because she's only 18 and if she starts getting very self-conscience she may not be able to stand the pressure of looking 'perfect' and may lead to her own downfall.

I don't think I will ever do Botox. The real reason is because I'm very afraid of needles and the thought of having a few injections on my FACE is a nightmare that I would have to pay so much for! I would not go through that kind of stress, I just can't!

Oh well, I'm saying that now. Maybe in the next 20 years when i see all those ugly lines around my face I may change my opinion on Botox. But definitely not getting into Botox for the coming 10 years!!

It was reported that Charice's showcase has been postponed. Sorry to those who already bought tickets. Many singers are growing this kind of habit of postponing their shows. It started with Rihanna, then Beyonce and now Charice. People spend a lot of money buying these tickets and fans would be hugely dissapointed. I hope this trend would not continue...

July 19, 2010


Have you tried the McDonalds Grilled Chicken Burger?? It's only for a limited time from 15th July-31st July 2010

I had it for takeaway today =)) It was delicious!! Seriously, if you're a fan of McD's chicken burgers you will love this!! The chicken is grilled with black pepper and it's very tasty. The portion is just nice and if you have the set you'll be very full!!

I used to eat at McD during college because McD is at KL sentral and me and my friends go there all the time. I was fed up with the usual menu so decided to try this one. McD always have new recipes for limited time like remember the prosperity burgers? They had it during Chinese New year if I'm not mistaken. I don't know this recipe is in conjunction with what but it ends this July. So grab it fast =))

It's RM8 ala carte and you can get the set for RM11.90 plus tax. It's more expensive than the other burgers but it's only once you can try it so whatever LOL

"It's love at first bite"- McD


I read yesterday's Star newspaper and the subject of dirty toilets in schools came about. I cannot agree more! School toilets are the worst and I remember I used to restrain myself from going to the smelly and dirty toilet unless I absolutely have an emergency!! I mean seriously, all of you have been through that phase I'm pretty sure of it!

Besides, public toilets are just the same. However, in some upper shopping complexes the toilets are clean. Seriously, toilets are meant to be hygenic to do your whatever business so that you do not contract any diseases when you come out of there. Bathrooms are a breeding ground for bacteria because they are moist places where bacteria can thrive. I really appreciate it when I go into a dry, clean and a pleasant scent bathroom.

If only toilets are this awesome, never would I imagine going to toilet would be fun..

 The picture above is the more realistic one and boy would it be fun going to that kind of toilet!

I think we should be trained to use the toilet properly. Because we do not flush properly and throw stuffs everywhere is what makes the toilet so filthy. On the other hand, toilets should be maintained well too. The combination of both would make visits to toilets both very hygenic and a satisfying one =))

Oh and remember! Please do wash your hands after a visit to the toilet...Practise good hygene for a healthy lifestyle!

July 17, 2010


Charity means benevolent giving; Giving back to society because we are fortunate people to have at least a happy life. It's not hard to be charitable. If we do not have the time to maybe go and help the poor physically, we may donate some extra money we have. Indirectly, you are helping them if we go through the right channel. A short visit to homes suffice too. If you could spend a little time with them hearing their stories and show them you care, at least they will feel a little love. A small deed goes a long way. Who knows they may change your outlook on life...

"If you haven't got charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble," quoted Bob Hope. I'm sure many of us are charitable. You may have visited the old folks' home or orphanages during a school trip or with your parents, perhaps gave away your old clothes which are still in good condition to your neighbours who cannot afford it, went and support charity carnivals and the most common, donating money for the earthquakes and many other natural disasters victims.

What I'm saying is that it doesn't take much to be charitable. If we have some extra fortune or time, why not share it? The feeling of helping someone and making someone's life better is definitely a good feeling. It may earn you some karma points =p

They are many people who are in need these days. Do not be oblivious. Just read the newspapers. Some may be in more troubles than you can imagine. You can read about single mothers feeding 7-8 children in a small flat, people who are homeless, some have children undergoing operation costing a fortune which they cannot afford and many others. If you could help these people one way or another, I'm sure life would pay you back the same next time you're in trouble.

But of course, all these comes from the heart. Do not do charity for namesake. Just because you want to be well known, therefore you donate a huge amount of money to charity organisations; that's just being a 'show-off'! Why? You want to tell people how rich you are so that you'll get robbed in the future??

The best way is to be anonymous. I really admire those who donate a large lump sum and does it quietly. I know of some people who does that and I really like that way of giving. It shows the true meaning of charity: benevolent giving.

But beware! If you do want to donate, make absolutely sure that it is the right channel and not some scam who will use your money for different purposes. It will just go to waste then. Those scams are normally ones you see at the road side pretending to be someone from an organisation. These are actually strangers who will use the money for their own good.

Other than that, be charitable..Support charities. One deed may change a life.

"And now abide faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity" (1 Corinthians 13:13)

July 16, 2010


Arrgh!! Cannot believe it when I saw Galaxie magazine with the cast of Vampire Diaries on the cover...

This is one of my favourite TV shows!! Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder are two smoking hot dudes here *laughs* Nina Dobrev is very attractive too. Together they make good television and fantastic dramas! I got addicted after watching the first episode =p

I have been an avid reader of Galaxie for the past decade. I have seen Galaxie evolved over the years from that long magazine to the minimised version. It has become better, more exciting and very affordable even after the recent price increase.

I religiously buy Galaxie twice every month and most of the time on the exact date the new issue comes out LOL...Whenever I go out with the friends, I'll drop by MPH and instantly my friends would ask whether I'm going to buy Galaxie haha

I used to buy many other magazines because I'm hooked on celebrity gossips. I love magazines and I can just read them for hours...Well, that's my hobby and my hobby can sometimes take up a lot of space in my room to store all of them hehe My mom used to scold me for keeping old magazines and insist on selling them and I'll reluctantly sell them because it's almost reaching the roof *laughs*

I also used to have this scrapbook where I stick celebrities pictures whom I idolised. My high school friends would remember and they would call me crazy for having this kind of weird hobby. I also used to collect hundreds of posters and some will be stucked on the wall. In fact, I still have those posters. I just can't bring myself to throw all of them away XD

So nowadays I just stick to Galaxie because partly I do not have much time to read many magazines and some magazines I used to buy previously couldn't make it in the market and they gradually did not produce any more new issues. 

Can't wait for next issues of Galaxie. I'm always happy with their covers because most of them are my favourites =)))

July 15, 2010


I recently watched Nights in Rodanthe and She's Out of my league...

This is a family movie. It actually came out 2 years ago and Astro is showing it. Not so much of a drama. More for old people hehe...But I'm a sucker for romance so decided to watch this with my family. It was not bad but a sad ending. I hate sad endings. I think all movies should have happy endings so that after watching a movie, we would feel happy. After all, watching movies is for entertainment and sad endings definitely do not entertain me XD If you have absolutely nothing to do and in the mood for some old romance then do watch it..

First of, definitely an 18PL movie. Not that funny though to me. But this movie really shows that looks do not matter if you have a good heart. I do like the story behind it. The guy has a good personality and is very nice. That's how he won the hot girl's heart =) However, he has very low self-esteem and the friends are partly to be blamed for that. Anyhow, i will probably give this movie 3 stars =p

More movies to watch...


Woohoo...every shopaholic's dream is to shop during sales =)) What better time to shop than now, then? Sales are back!! So it's time to shop till you drop LOL

There are certain retailers that are on sale or will be on sale which I'm familiar with. These are:

                                                     Guess sale is from 1st July-31st July 2010

                                            Charles and Keith sale is from 9th July-8th August

                                                 POPULAR book fair 13th July-25th July

                                                       Sale is from 17th July-23rd July

                                                          Sale is from 7th July-1st August

                                                        Sale is from 12th July-31st July

and many many other shops around Malaysia =)))

Well, there's two sides about sales. Some say they save a lot while some say they don't actually save during sales rather they spend more *laughs*. I'm definitely the latter =p

But..there's always a but...I spend more during sales because I don't usually spend during non-sale period. Besides, we can actually buy more with less money during sales. I have a really soft spot for sales and cheap stuffs. Some retailers, however, have 'cheat sales' rather than 'cheap sales' because they marked up the price and boast on having 70% discount. It's cheating because after discount it's still so expensive! 

You must find the right shop and the right stuffs during sales, only then it would be really worth it to shop during sales period. So, happy shopping people!!

July 13, 2010

Mandarin is harder than LAW- period!

I'm officially not a chinese or rather disowning my own race LOL. I'm a western- period!

I cannot believe how hard mandarin is. Luckily I did not learn Mandarin at a young age or else I would totally fail all mandarin related subjects like seriously. I'm assisting a Mandarin 5 year old class at a kindie and I cannot keep up with the mandarin it's not even funny anymore XD

I'm a freaking law degree student for heaven's sake and 5 year old mandarin seems harder to me LOL My pronounciation sucks to the brim because mandarin has so many tones and each tone translates a different meaning like WTH! I know how to say it but when I pronounce it, the word becomes a different meaning. This is driving me crazy!!

For example, 'su' has the meaning of book and tree. When I want to say tree, I'll say it as book. Then 'lung' means dragon. But when you put a 'kong' in front- 'kong lung' it means dinosaur. So sometimes it's confusing. The worst part is the writing. Don't even get me started on that. There are thousands of strokes and to write one word will take me forever. Further, you do not write the word as it is, you must follow steps for what stroke to come first!

                                            Confusing words and even more confusing strokes!
At least I can understand basic mandarin. Not too bad lah. But go further than that and I'll embarass myself as a chinese. Also, I can write my chinese name and can recognise and write a few simple chinese words. But talking i must watch out my pronounciation.

I can say teaching in this kindie has taught me further in mandarin. Most teachers there speak mandarin. Besides, I'm learning the most basic of mandarin- I'm learning 5 year olds syllabus *blushes* Well, it's not too late to learn =p

Anyway, I'm a self-proclaimed western haha I'm not into chinese songs neither am I into chinese movies and I'm English educated. Oh well, perhaps next time I could send my child to mandarin classes but definitely not chinese school. It's too hard!!

July 12, 2010

Spain the 2010 World Cup Champions!!

Oh, it was a frustrating night with a goalless draw in the 90 minutes and even in the extra time the players were trying to score but to no avail. Finally, in the 116th minute, Iniesta became the hero and scored the only goal for Spain and the only goal in the Finals!!

Spain are the new world champions and this is the first time that they won a world cup and also the first time that a country who won the European cup also took back the World Cup trophy!

                                        Congratulations Spain!! Couldn't be more thrilled =))

Netherlands, on the other hand, were collecting yellow cards like nobody's business. Heitinga was even red- carded. If I'm not mistaken, the whole Netherlands team were yellow carded except for the goalkeeper LOL I was too bored until I was counting how many yellow cards were given out =p

It wasn't a very good game. It was frustrating to see that both teams couldn't score. Both are good- how else could they enter into the finals? But the top scorers Sneijder and David Villa couldn't score a single goal. In fact, Villa was substituted later on...

But, one goal is still a goal. Waited till 5am to see a goal LOL The next day had to go to work with blurry eyes =p I saw till the prize giving ceremony and I could see the very dissapointed face on the Netherlands players when Spain lifted the cup =(

Well, better luck next time guys! Till the next world cup*winks*

July 11, 2010

3rd place: GERMANY!!

YAY!! Finally, Germany won something hehe...They were actually pretty good in this world cup just that the previous game their key player, Mueller got suspended and they couldn't perform. But in this game Mueller was there and he scored the first goal.

The same goes to Uruguay. They were good too and in the previous game their key player, Suarez got suspended due to the 'hand of God' and they lost to Netherlands. Last night, both Suarez and Mueller did a fantastic job but I'm glad Germany won *smiles*

I was sad though that Klose did not play. It was reported that he, together with Lahm was down with a flu virus. Thus, the captain was Schweinsteiger. Although they won 3rd place, I could see that the coach and the team weren't very happy. I know they were hoping to enter into the finals but at least they got to go back with something and not empty-handed =)

So tonight's the night which marks the end of the 2010 FIFA world cup! Both teams are good and hope both will deliver an awesome performance like what Germany and Uruguay did with 5 goals! May the best team wins..

July 10, 2010

I heart Eclipse

For the Twi-haters out there, I think you've got to accept defeat because Eclipse was too damn good! Hate it all you want but if you watched it, you'll somehow like it =p Twi-hards are gona be very pleased =)

Eclipse raked in $68.5 million on its first day of release! That's huge because of its loyal and obsessed fanbase LOL It has the combination of a perfect storyline- intense romance, action scenes, comedy reliefs and nice computer effects!! It all made Eclipse the better movie from Twilight and New Moon *smiles*

I'm definitely Team Edward and for that reason I preferred Eclipse from New Moon because NM was more on the development of Jacob's relationship with Bella. Here, we can see more on the romance between Bella and Edward and also for that reason I hate Bella for kinda playing him.

Now, I can't wait for Breaking Dawn. It has been confirmed that the last movie will be in two parts- Breaking Dawn part I and Breaking Dawn part II. It better be good!!

I have been on a movie marathon lately *laughs* Watched a tad bit too much movies...I watched another Robert Pattinson movie in DVD which is called Remember Me...

Although the ending was expected I still didn't like it. But it has to end that way I suppose because of the title. Anyhow, it was a good watch. You could rarely see Robert Pattinson acting outside the Twilight saga and it showed a different side of him as an actor.

Till Breaking Dawn...

July 9, 2010

It's gona end..

World Cup finals is just around the corner!! Spain and Netherlands unexpectedly earned their places in the finals. This is the first time Spain entered finals in the World Cup. Netherlands, on the other hand is entering finals after 32 years!

Uruguay and Germany lost to Netherlands and Spain repsectively. Therefore, they would be playing for the third placing on Sunday 2.30am. It was a dissapointment that Germany lost to Spain. They could not control the game and ball possession were mostly on Spain's side. They fared so well in previous games but gone kaput in the semi-finals =(

Anyway, the finals would be televised on Monday 2.30am and that would be the end of the World Cup 2010! David Villa and Sneidjer are in the running for the Golden Boot. We shall see who scores the most in the last game. Either way, both teams are good and it will be a tough fight. I just hope it won't end up in penalty kicks determining the result. Best of luck for both teams =)