July 15, 2010


I recently watched Nights in Rodanthe and She's Out of my league...

This is a family movie. It actually came out 2 years ago and Astro is showing it. Not so much of a drama. More for old people hehe...But I'm a sucker for romance so decided to watch this with my family. It was not bad but a sad ending. I hate sad endings. I think all movies should have happy endings so that after watching a movie, we would feel happy. After all, watching movies is for entertainment and sad endings definitely do not entertain me XD If you have absolutely nothing to do and in the mood for some old romance then do watch it..

First of, definitely an 18PL movie. Not that funny though to me. But this movie really shows that looks do not matter if you have a good heart. I do like the story behind it. The guy has a good personality and is very nice. That's how he won the hot girl's heart =) However, he has very low self-esteem and the friends are partly to be blamed for that. Anyhow, i will probably give this movie 3 stars =p

More movies to watch...

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