July 3, 2010


Brazil lost!! What a dissapointment. Felipe Melo is definitely to be blamed! I think this world cup is a big dissapointment for me =(( The teams that I support are not doing well and so are my favourite players. See Kaka never scored a goal. Rooney sucked for England! Ronaldo only scored once. Messi the FIFA Player of the Year and Torres are yet to score a goal. WTH!!

On the other hand, Klose and David Villa are doing superb. They're my newest favourites =))

I'm definitely excited for the game tonight between Germany and Argentina and Spain and Paraguay. I hope Germany and Spain will enter into the semis. That would be an awesome match between the both.

In the meantime, it got me thinking that World Cup's gona end soon. It is now 8 days before the finals. All the hoo-haas about football will fall silent, people will start going to work with eyes wide open, late night mamaks will be lessen and the fever will soon die down. Some may even have withdrawal world cup syndrome LOL...Well, for me I will just miss the excitement of watching those matches. Life may be a bit dull after world cup but as the saying goes, life has to go on...

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