July 4, 2010

Separate ways

It seems everyone's going their separate ways. Those high school mates whom you're with your whole high school life, who went through thick and thins together, who were there in your happier times, who made your high school memories so treasured, those who made you who you are today and suddenly everyone's scattering round the world.

Universities and colleges intakes are around the corner and everyone's going to the places where they were offered. Even after high school we rarely meet and reunions are hard to plan because it's hard for everyone to be free on one day.

But it's how life should be. We graduate from high school and once you get a once in a lifetime opportunity to study somewhere on scholarship you take it and go. You don't stay because it's where your life is and where your friends are or because you cannot get out of your comfort zone. You go because you want to graduate from uni/college next and be the person who you wanted to be all your life. So you adapt to that new place.

New friends can be made but old friends are the ones you treasure. It is because they know you best. But it's not like you'll never see them ever again, only that it'll be rare. I don't believe in the phrase, 'Out of sight, out of mind.' I do, however believe that distance makes the heart grows fonder.

Saying goodbye is hard, but when we do reunite in a few years to come, we'll be happy to see each other and how successful some may be that it'll make you proud. You'll also see many changes in people. Some may have been more handsome or prettier, fatter or skinnier, some may even be working and some may still be studying, some may also even get married, some personalities may change and some may be retained but we all know that we do have one thing in common: we all came from the same high school and these are the people that we grew up with!

This is to the future and many more happy reunions =))

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