July 25, 2010


Planting an idea into someone's mind; that is meant by inception!

Inception is a complicated but a thrilling movie. You must really concentrate throughout the movie to really go in depth with what's going on.

Firstly, a big salute towards Christopher Nolan for directing this awesome movie. Loved him from Dark Knight and he has proved once again what a spectacular director he is! Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed a complicated character flawlessly and it just made the movie even better.

You should watch it but remember to concentrate properly to get the storyline right LOL I was so into the movie without even spacing out or was distracted with any noises, so much so I felt like the movie was so long but so interesting. It was like I was also in the characters' dreams *laughs*

I do not normally like to watch this kind of movie. I prefer watching action or comedy without much thinking and evaluation but a change once in awhile is good. It shows how intelligent the screenwriter can be coming up with this out-of-world kind of situation. Never in my life I could have come up with such an idea!

So, is inception possible?

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