July 9, 2010

It's gona end..

World Cup finals is just around the corner!! Spain and Netherlands unexpectedly earned their places in the finals. This is the first time Spain entered finals in the World Cup. Netherlands, on the other hand is entering finals after 32 years!

Uruguay and Germany lost to Netherlands and Spain repsectively. Therefore, they would be playing for the third placing on Sunday 2.30am. It was a dissapointment that Germany lost to Spain. They could not control the game and ball possession were mostly on Spain's side. They fared so well in previous games but gone kaput in the semi-finals =(

Anyway, the finals would be televised on Monday 2.30am and that would be the end of the World Cup 2010! David Villa and Sneidjer are in the running for the Golden Boot. We shall see who scores the most in the last game. Either way, both teams are good and it will be a tough fight. I just hope it won't end up in penalty kicks determining the result. Best of luck for both teams =)

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