July 16, 2010


Arrgh!! Cannot believe it when I saw Galaxie magazine with the cast of Vampire Diaries on the cover...

This is one of my favourite TV shows!! Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder are two smoking hot dudes here *laughs* Nina Dobrev is very attractive too. Together they make good television and fantastic dramas! I got addicted after watching the first episode =p

I have been an avid reader of Galaxie for the past decade. I have seen Galaxie evolved over the years from that long magazine to the minimised version. It has become better, more exciting and very affordable even after the recent price increase.

I religiously buy Galaxie twice every month and most of the time on the exact date the new issue comes out LOL...Whenever I go out with the friends, I'll drop by MPH and instantly my friends would ask whether I'm going to buy Galaxie haha

I used to buy many other magazines because I'm hooked on celebrity gossips. I love magazines and I can just read them for hours...Well, that's my hobby and my hobby can sometimes take up a lot of space in my room to store all of them hehe My mom used to scold me for keeping old magazines and insist on selling them and I'll reluctantly sell them because it's almost reaching the roof *laughs*

I also used to have this scrapbook where I stick celebrities pictures whom I idolised. My high school friends would remember and they would call me crazy for having this kind of weird hobby. I also used to collect hundreds of posters and some will be stucked on the wall. In fact, I still have those posters. I just can't bring myself to throw all of them away XD

So nowadays I just stick to Galaxie because partly I do not have much time to read many magazines and some magazines I used to buy previously couldn't make it in the market and they gradually did not produce any more new issues. 

Can't wait for next issues of Galaxie. I'm always happy with their covers because most of them are my favourites =)))

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