July 19, 2010


I read yesterday's Star newspaper and the subject of dirty toilets in schools came about. I cannot agree more! School toilets are the worst and I remember I used to restrain myself from going to the smelly and dirty toilet unless I absolutely have an emergency!! I mean seriously, all of you have been through that phase I'm pretty sure of it!

Besides, public toilets are just the same. However, in some upper shopping complexes the toilets are clean. Seriously, toilets are meant to be hygenic to do your whatever business so that you do not contract any diseases when you come out of there. Bathrooms are a breeding ground for bacteria because they are moist places where bacteria can thrive. I really appreciate it when I go into a dry, clean and a pleasant scent bathroom.

If only toilets are this awesome, never would I imagine going to toilet would be fun..

 The picture above is the more realistic one and boy would it be fun going to that kind of toilet!

I think we should be trained to use the toilet properly. Because we do not flush properly and throw stuffs everywhere is what makes the toilet so filthy. On the other hand, toilets should be maintained well too. The combination of both would make visits to toilets both very hygenic and a satisfying one =))

Oh and remember! Please do wash your hands after a visit to the toilet...Practise good hygene for a healthy lifestyle!

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