July 22, 2010

Un-Healthy lifestyle

I'm definitely not leading a healthy lifestyle, I admit! I have been eating too much cakes, chocolates, ice- cream, fast food and maggi mee!!

Oh, no! I wonder how much fat I have put on since the holiday started. I can start the day with nasi lemak for breakfast and we all know how 'healthy' nasi lemak can be. I mean it's already in the name itself. Lemak means fat *laughs* Then I can have fast food for lunch then after dinner I'll indulge in chocolates or ice cream for desserts. Lastly, at night while watching TV I can be a couch potato chewing on chips, sweets and a can of gas drink. OMG! Looking at my menu, I think I'll have diabetes, high cholesterol and the amount of fat accumulating in my body is freaking me out!!

I'm so Malaysian. Thank God for my high metabolism rate or else I'll ballooned up into a baby elephant *laughs* I just cannot resist the speactacular food Malaysia has to offer. I'm a self-declared food lover! I sometimes eat 6 times a day; breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, dinner and supper.

I do try to put fruits into my diet and eat more vegetables and drink more water. But somehow I feel the junk food I put into my system is more than those healthy food =p I cannot help it. If someone offers me a piece of chocolate, I'll take it and eat it. When I see a coke in my fridge, I'll drink it. When I go to McD with my friends, I cannot resist buying the delicious french fries and the ice cream. So, how to be healthy??

The obesity rate in Malaysia is rising. It is definitely due to the food here!! Not so much because we're lazy to exercise and what not but because our intake is not healthy at all. Fast food is also one of the main reason. I can tell you, kids love KFC, McD, Pizza Hut and A&W. If they have been indulging in those since they were small how not to be fat when they grow bigger?

I, for one is super lazy to exercise. Only sometimes I follow my dad to the gym like maybe once in 3 months? Haha that's embarrasing! Alright, perhaps I should start leading a more healthy lifestyle. I should eat cereal bar for breakfast, no more fast food during lunch or dinner and during tea, brunch and supper time no more chocoloates and chips but instead fill myself with lots of fruits and vegetables.

So, now what do I do with my chocs, chips, canned drinks, cakes and sweets at home?

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