July 30, 2010

Celeb weddings!!

It got me thinking they are quite a few celebrities getting hitched around this time of the year. One of them is our very own Malaysian beauty queen, Andrea Fonseka that got married in a church wedding today with her Australian fiance, Paul Dewar.

                                                      I think they make a handsome couple =)

Besides that, just recently Orlando Bloom got married to his Victoria's Secret model girlfriend, Miranda Kerr. It was announced that they will be expecting their first child together.

                                                     Their baby's gona be absolutely gorgeous!

Also, Megan Fox married her long-time beau, Brian Austin Green in Hawaii on 24th June. It was a private ceremony of four and they were wed by a local Hawaian priest. Brian's son from a previous marriage was the only witness.

                                                 Megan looked smokin' in this Armani gown!

Carrie Underwood also swapped vows with her NHL player fiance, Michael Fisher. They had a beautiful ceremony in Ritz Carlton on July 10th.

                                                    The blushing bride and her husband

Further, there are quite a few about to get hitched. One would be the quirky singer, Katy Perry and her comedian fiance, Russell Brand. It is rumoured that they may get married soon in a lavish ceremony.

                                             They make an odd couple but somehow it works!

Then, there's this big hoo-haa over the upcoming nuptials of Chelsea Clinton and Wall Street hedge fund beau, Marc Mezvinsky. The details are top secret and no one is allowed to say a word about it. So, there can only be speculations. Anyway, they will be married tomorrow, July 31.

and many others....!

I LOVE weddings =D I mean who doesnt love the sound of the wedding march, the blushing bride walking down the aisle with her father to meet her husband-to-be, the fresh scent of flowers, the bridal arch, the wedding dinner, beautiful gowns and suits and the ceremony itself is so happy and full of laughters. Now, that's a picture perfect day to get married.

I definitely want a traditional kind of wedding with a little modern twist- that big, white gown in a church wedding minus that chinese tradition of 'groom going through silly stuffs to get the bride' and a dinner with a big dance floor for guests to par-tay! Oh well, one can only dream =p It's too early for all these. Ask me in 10 years time and perhaps I may want a different kind of wedding hehe

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