July 4, 2010


What did I say about Klose and David Villa being my newest favourites??! Haha..They were fantastic last night..Klose scored twice in Germany's 4-0 win against poor Argentina and Villa scored the only goal for Spain to qualify for the semis and he's now the top scorer for this world cup. As I predicted Germany will meet Spain in the semis. Can't wait for that game!!

Now, the world cup's a tad more interesting although there were much dissapointment with favourite countries failing to perform in the World Cup. Anyway, there's a break for the semis until tuesday so that teams can rest. The semi-finals games will all be at 2.30am...Urgh!! The torture to wake up in the wee hours and then go back to sleep and wake up for work LOL

Luckily my work do not need much concentration or effort. Besides, it's only half day =)) Can't wait to meet my little elfs tomorrow...

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