July 8, 2010

Knight and Day

First of all after watching the show i don't know why is there a 'Day' in the movie title. I know why there's a knight but day? Hmm...oh well the show is pretty funny though =))

Tom Cruise is a bit 'siao' in a funny way and cameron diaz does not act her usual 'bad ass' woman character. This time, she's the damsel in distress. This movie has a combination of comedy, action and romance. I can say it's a good movie =)

Tom Cruise looks sooo young at the age of 48. He could still do all the action flawlessly and boy is he HOT!! *laughs* I'm so drooling over him...I've always liked him in his mission impossible trilogy.

Go watch it. It's can be a family movie or just a chill out movie *smiles* Either way, it's good laugh and a stress reliever =)

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