November 30, 2015

Celebrate Christmas buffet at Armada PJ

Wow! Time flies. Christmas is nearing soon and I can't wait for the holiday season!
Let's experience the magic of Christmas together. It is time again to share this wonderful season of festivities with friends, family and colleagues over a sumptuous meal in a beautifully decorated venue prepared by the team at Utara Coffee House at the Armada Petaling Jaya Hotel.

Feast on the abundance of Christmas delights during Christmas and on New Year's at our lavish buffet of traditional and innovative festive dishes.

With an extensive range of delicious food, I present you the sumptuous delicacies by Armada. Beautiful food presentation at the main table:

With the beautiful food presentation, here comes food tasting...

Salmon Coulibiac.
Poached Salmon wrapped in Danish pastry.

Tiger Prawn Ceviche with Avocado.
This was a party bursting in my mouth. The Avocado was a unique twist and the prawn was so fresh!

Dubarry Soup with Cheese Batonette.
Dubarry means cauliflower. The soup was very creamy and filling. It could probably use a lil bit more salt but just nice for someone who likes it natural.

Baked Capon with Bread Almond Roulade.
This is the turkey replacement for the Christmas buffet because it is hard to get halal Turkey these days and now most places cut out turkey from their menu. Chicken is better than turkey anyway because turkey is a bit tough and dry.

Roast Duck Ripieni with Calvados.
Mmm I love my meat. Ate a few of those and my dress was getting tight. But the food isn't over LOL

Swedish Crab Pudding.
I'm not a fan of pudding but this one was cheezy, yummy and heaven in my mouth. The crab meat was tasty and I've never tasted something like that before.

Roast Beef Tapenade with Champignon.
Asparagus on the side with chopped olives on top, it's a good combination for a meat lover.

Louisiana Pumpkin Rice with whole Pumpkin Mousseline of Pumpkin, carrot and sweet potato.
By this time, we were all so full and carbs was something not needed at the end of the meal. Nevertheless, tasted a few spoons of it. It's fragrant steamed white rice with assortment nuts.

Whole lamb leg with garlic sauce and side purees.
This was really good especially with the purees. The lamb was soft and cooked to perfection. Yums!

It's dessert time!! Yay, my favourite part haha

The gorgeous Yule Log Cake.

One of each:
A piece of Yule Log Cake
Lemon Meringue Pie
Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing
Glass Dessert Tiramisu
Christmas Pudding

Lemon Meringue Pie. I lurvee the sweetness of it with a tinge of lemon sour.

This was the people's favourite- Glass Dessert Tiramisu. Nuff' said.

Makan partners in crime...

Jessica who was on my right...

...and Elana on my left.

Good food, good company and fantastic environment made it a perfect night =)

The master chef who made it all happen with his creations!

Thank you Armada for a super full night with delicious food ^^

Christmas and New Year's Eve Buffet Dinner (24th December 2015 & 31st December 2015)
Inclusive of party packs; and
live music performance

RM80++ per adult
RM60++ senior citizen
RM40 ++ per child

Christmas and New Year's Day Hi-Tea Buffet (25th December 2015 & 1st January 2016)
Inclusive of party packs; and 
live music performance on 25th December only

RM70++ per adult
RM50++ senior citizen
RM35++ per child

November 26, 2015

Custom cushion from Printcious

Remember my post on Printcious?

I was talking about being tempted by the personalised cushions and here I am, having my very own Printcious cushion specially delivered to me =))

It's proudly sitting on my work chair with a motivational quote to inspire me on a daily basis!

It's so easy to custom your very own cushion.

Just pick a design out of so many designs layed out in the website.

Then pick your favourite colour. I chose pink. No surprises there haha

After that, you will be directed to a page to customise your picture, wordings, etc

I typed my favourite quote, adjusted the margin, changed the picture and...

Ta-Dah! What was on virtual came out in real life hehe

The cushion is so fluffy and and so huggable! The workmanship can however be improved on as the picture and stitching are not very straight. Nevertheless, I'm hugging the pillow now everyday and to remind myself daily that I should keep calm and I can do it no matter what obstacles I face =) It's so motivating to go to work now and see my pillow greeting me every morning hehehe This will be my motto from now onwards to achieve my dreams =)

The pillow case can also be removed to be washed so that it will not be dirty in due time.

It's only RM39 and it's great for gifts especially now is the gifting season. Delivery is only RM10 to West Malaysia and Free delivery for RM75 and above.

Thank you Printcious for that fluffy personalised cushion delivered to me =)
Do check out their website for more custom made gifts!

UPDATED: Guess what?

I received another personalised item! So happy with this mousepad I designed =)
Yup, I love all my inspirational quotes to liven up my mood in the office hehe

November 15, 2015

Malaysia Fashion Week 2015

After missing Malaysia Fashion Week for 2 years in a row due to exams/work, I am proud to say I was finally there this year to witness the fashion runway filled gorgeous designs from different designers =)

Beware! This post is filled with pictures!

Held at the MATRADE building, the line ups for the 3rd night of the MYFW were:

Bon Zainal with well suited menswear.

Peppermint Avenue with gorgeous flowy printed summer dresses.

Beyond Closet with the menswear collection.

Deanoor with elegant pieces for women.

Fairuz Ramdan's Blue Label collection with cool and chic designs.

Alfonso Guinoo with traditional East Malaysia costumes.

Asif Shaikh with beautiful Indian white collection for men and women.

Aidai Chochunbaeva

Zhouye Indigo with beautiful patterns collection for men and women.

Chimmi Choden

Kraftangan with traditional Malay wear with a modern twist.

Arif Syakur 'Apip" with batik wear.

That's about it for the 3rd night! It was fun looking through the entire showcase.
I especially love designs from Deanoor, Fairuz Rahman and Zhouye Indigo!

Til next year!!