November 2, 2015

Foodgasm Fest a disappointment

When I saw the hype for Foodgasm, I was excited! I mean I'm a foodie and who can miss a carnival of all good food!!

I was scrolling through their FB page and saw these:

Wow! Suddenly my mouth became all watery ^_^
I want to eat them all! I was excited!

And then we arrived. And it was sooo jam and the cars were parked at every corner and they were being summoned. And we went to the field:

The queues were soo long!! We heard people queuing up for 30 minutes and haven't bought their food yet.

It was about to rain since now is monsoon season.
And the field was already super muddy and people were walking barefoot with mud all over their feet >.<

My poor shoes dipped in the muddy field just for food LOL

Don't even have food photos because it's not even worth the shot. We weren't going to line up for 40 minutes to get a box of spaghetti or wings etc so we ended up with finger food and drinks and went back -.-

Plus the pricing of the food were expensive. It's not worth it. The whole thing was a disappointment. It was more mudgasm than foodgasm lol

I'd rather talk about this restaurant we went the other day at Kampung Pandan.
Rendezvous Steak Garden serves a huge variety of fusion dishes.
Funny thing was we went there and the seafood caught our heart instead of the steak LOL

Two of the night's best dishes: 

Cheese baked Escargot. Oh my the cheesy cheese sauce was the highlight of the night!

Curry crab bun.
This is another dish not to forget. The curry gravy with the bun and the delicious crab were so flavorful that we ordered 2 of this haha

Definitely recommended!

Foodgasm, on the other hand, needs to improve if they are organising another one next year.

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