October 24, 2015

CiUM- Asia's first kissing lip balm

Lipbalm is normally used to moisturise the lips to have a plumper and sexy lips. Now, what if I tell you that there is a specific lipbalm created JUST for KISSING! haha Like couples use the lipbalms to enhance their kissing experience *ehem*

CiUM is Asia's First Kissing Lip Balm! 

It's okay, I am as surprised as you! But, come to think of it, this is a genius idea. Imagine kissing dry cracked lips *yucks* What if you're kissing a flavoured lip which is moisturised, plumped and oh- so kissable *mmhmmm* Okay guys, please hold your horses hahaha

CiUM lipbalms are an enhancement to your kissing experience! Trade secret flavours to enhance kissing sensation when your partner kisses you!

How this came about, you wonder? 

The founder, an airline pilot based in Malaysia was in a long distance relationship with his girlfriend who is also a pilot. She was based in Manila and they normally travel back and forth to see each other. His lips would get cracked because of the dry air in the airplane and relies a lot on lip balm. However most lip balms are either too oily or bland and does not have a good aftertaste. And especially after not seeing his girlfriend often, he would definitely want a fantastic kissing experience when meeting his girl.

So he decided to try and develop a kissing lip balm. Afterall, he relies a lot on lipbalm anyway so might as well develop one and even better, he made it unique; lip balm solely for kissing! So just imagine, after a long time not seeing each and when you make out, the flavours mix and it intensifies the kissing.

Kissing will never be the same again =)

I had the S'berry and Meeko flavours.

Each partner chooses a flavour and apply on their lips.

If you like your fruits mixed with chocolates, then this is the perfect mix of flavours for you! S'berry is strawberry flavour while meeko is chocolate. I applied the meeko on my lips while the other half applied strawberry. You can really feel the flavour while kissing. No kidding! I tasted more of the strawberry flavour while the other half tasted more of the chocolate one. The strawberry one taste good and smells very nice! The flavour is quite lasting as well haha so you don't have to keep re-applying LOL I know this is TMI but it's so good, it needs to be shared hehe Beware! You might not stop kissing each other! ^^

Hmm...kissable lips =p

Are you in a long distance relationship? This will be a great gift for each other and use it when you're about to see each other so that both of you not only look forward to see each other but also to create an intimate bond. Since you're going to kiss each other anyway, why not be creative? ^_^

Singles out there, not to worry! It is a lipbalm after all and if you love flavoured lipbalms, you can buy too.

You just need to apply one on the top lip and another on bottom lip and squeeze lips together to get a fusion of flavours. And please remember to stop licking your lips because the flavours can be quite addictive hehe

CiUM lipbalms are sold in all AirAsia flights but you can buy online at www.nomonkey.org which sells CiUM way way cheaper.

A brand new classy packaging is coming up and is a great idea as a gift for Valentine's Day without burning a hole in your pocket. Most people wait until the last minute to buy Valentines gift. But to avoid that, their website offers PRE-order CiUM for the following flavous:

 a) CiUM Sambal/Ais
 b) CiUM Meeko/S'berry
 c) CiUM Jumbo/Ying
 d) CiUM Zac/Kimmy

Each set costs RM 40. Of course when you buy it nearing Valentines, the price will be much higher. Do pre-order your very own CiUM of which you can get "fresh from the oven" when Valentines draw near instead of buying last minute. 

Pre-order your classy and elegant CiUM now so that you can enjoy it with your partner. Valentine's 2016 will simply be ama-zzzzing! Hehe

Leaving you readers with a flying kiss <3


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