October 11, 2015

Indeed Labs Fillume

Imagine my surprise when I came home to a beautiful purple box from Muse by Watsons.

Beautifully wrapped surprise!

Guess what's inside?

Indeed Labs newest addition- fillume volumising serum!
Counteract the forces of gravity and help fight facial volume loss with Indeed Labs' New Fillume volumising serum- a revolutionary formula designed to work with the skin's matrix and help improve visual signs of ageing including loss of firmness, moisture and elasticity.

Although I'm still young in my 20's, due to the free radicals in surrounding environment, especially so with the haze makes my skin dull, dry and in the long run, it will lose facial contour and volume and will sag with wrinkles as I age >.<

With this fillume volumising serum, it keeps skin full and alive past 25 with multi peptide, mega moisturising formula that fights fine lines and keeps skin full and firm well into the future. This new serum plumps skin to combat visible signs of aging. Clinical studies showed 75% of women saw improvements in facial volume, including the restoration of firmness and elasitcitiy.

With 5 Key Benefits, fillume volumising serum helps to:
•       Restore facial contours
•       Improve skin firmness, suppleness and elasticity
•       Improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles
•       Increase skin's hydration  level and stimulate skin renewal
•       Improve skin tone and texture

Over time skin loses its density due to loss of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid making skin appear thinner and less firm. Incorporating the latest scientific innovations, the concentrated complex of fillume volumising serum contains 5 clinically proven peptides that work to help visibly plump trouble zones such as furrow lines, nasal labial crease and crow's feet. 

The end result: skin is left feeling firmer, brighter while while helping to restore facial contours.

Did you know that our faces start losing volume in our mid- 30's? Over time, cheekbones may decrease in density, facial fat reduces, collagen production slows and gravity pulls skin downward. Well, don't let this news deflate your spirit, get positive and bring volume where it's needed.

Fillume volumising serum's 5 key ingredients:

- UPlevity: This peptide helps provide firmness to the skin by enhancing the building blocks of elastin, collagen and essential proteins leading to improved resistance against gravity and ageing.
- Matrixyl and synthe'6: Helps to stimulate 6 major elements of the skin's matrix to smooth and refine the appearance of skin while also helping to increase hydration.
-SYN-HYCAN: The tripeptide formula has a firming and remodelling effect on the skin which comes from the product's 2 key properties. It helps to firm skin by bossting hyaluronic acid content and increasing certain protein levels in the skin. These proteins bind to collagen fibres, helping to make them thinner and stronger. The imrpoved collagen fibres help firm the skin, giving it a tighter, smoother appearance allowing for injectable-free HA-based face contour remodelling. The easy way to descrive SYN-HYCAN is that it helps "fill' wirnkles from the inside out, helping to improve skin tone and promote the appearance of firmer skin.
-SYN-TACKS: A combination of 2 peptides that interact with key protein structures stimulating the epidermal and the dermal layers of the skin to help restore firmness, suppleness and integrity to skin structure.
-PatcH20: A molecular network of natural biopolymers with a high concentration of a moisturizing complex containing glycerin, it provides immediate and long-lasting hydration by creating a protective film over the skin's surface to help reduce water evaporation 

The specific combination  of ingredients helps to deliver their volumising  properties into the skin most efficiently. This unique selection is super concentrated to allow for maximum repairing and to help with the stimulation of collagen production. Our light, fast absorbing, cell-communicating ingredients are a must for helping to provide a full, healthy framework for your skin.

Use daily by applying a pea-sized amount to a cleansed face and neck. Follow with fillume volumising moisturiser for optimal results. Formulated for all skin types.

I have been using it twice daily- day and night before my moisturiser because I don't want to let my skin sag when I reach 30 hehe Prevention is better than cure, right?
The texture is not sticky and absorbs pretty fast into skin. It is non oily and perfect for oily skin and our weather situation.

Here's to firmer, smoother and bouncy skin =)

Put the bloom back into your skin. Get fillumed.

Retailing at RM126.30 for 30ml, Indeed Labs fillume volumising serum is exclusively available at Muse by Watsons and selected Watsons stores.

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