October 21, 2015

Tadom Hill Resort

We spent the weekend at Tadom Hill Resort, Banting.
Well, technically, it's not a resort LOL
It's more of like camping. This is the first after a very looonggg time since I went to a jungle like place haha

Best part- fell down one day before going camping -____-
I mean seriously with my clumsiness, it cannot happen at the 'perfect' time. I was ready to have bruises after Tadom, NOT before Tadom sheessshhh!

And so, bandaged the wound, packed my medicines and gauze and to camping I went haha

It actually looks quite beautiful.

The hammock is definitely unique.

This is our sleeping place by the way hehe

Swimming/water rafting in the river.


Neither of us could sleep throughout the night OMG
Don't know what kept biting us, either mosquitoes or insects but our bodies were so itchy throughout the night -____- Some of us just gave up on the hammock and slept on the floor instead lol It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience hahaha

Overall, since the place is still new, it was quite clean but it can get dirty with bugs/insects and flies were everywhere! At one point we were so annoyed because while we're trying to eat, we were surrounded with soo many flies >.< Bathrooms were clean and shower place was spacious. Hammock was comfy if only we could sleep without bugs/mosquitoes. There are other sleeping options like on mattresses in huts or camps.

You actually need to book this place in advance because it's starting to get very popular. People were lining up to check in. I guess since it's new and the place is still clean, people want to experience. Plus, there are activities like ATV, obstacles, slides etc to play with additional costs.

Came back and here's my worsened bruise ='(
Dammit it's so painful!

But truly glad I had soo much fun!!

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