October 6, 2015

Systema 3D Clean

Systema is my favourite toothbrush brand and is Japan's No.1 toothbrush brand! I have been using Systema for a year now and I'm excited to find out that Systema has introduced their latest innovation:


This newest toothbrush cleans every part of your teeth no matter what you eat! How awesome is that? No more cavity, no more gum infection but healthier gums and teeth and fresher breath =)

It claims to remove 63% or more plaque than other tapered toothbrushes!

The great thing about this 3D toothbrush is that it has 0.02mm multi cleaning 3D Bristles.

The launch was held last weekend in One Utama where Systema had promotions in conjunction with the launch of Systema 3D Clean.

Do you find it hard to clean the difficult parts of your teeth and sometimes after much brushing, you still see residue plaque?

Well Systema 3D Clean is designed with multi cleaning bristles to clean every difficult to reach parts of your teeth:


-Spiral power tip to reach back teeth better to scrape away more plaque
-Shorter middle bristles to clean teeth surface better
-Longer middle bristles to penetrate in between teeth to remove stuck food pieces
-Longer outer bristles to penetrate deeper into fum lines to removes 9x more plaque
-Tongue cleaner(the back of the toothbrush) to remove bad breath causing bacteria(This rough surface behind the toothbrush takes some getting use to. Some may like it, some don't)

The different types of Systema toothbrushes.
Now, my favourite is the centre one (Systema 3D clean)

We were each given a sample toothbrush to immediately try and experience for ourselves Systema's 3D clean. So I brushed my teeth and realised it has a good grip and the uneven bristles cleansed my teeth thoroughly. On top of that, I love the tongue cleaner which is the rough surface behind the toothbrush to clean my tongue as well. This is definitely an all in one toothbrush!

They were having some good promotions at the roadshow.

And there was a really long queue to buy toothbrushes. People were buying in bulks! This shows how much Systema is a fantastic brand for consumers. 

There was also a free dental checkup. The dentist used a new technology in a form of a camera to capture the inner part of the teeth. 

I previously have a problem with my wisdom tooth but I couldn't see what is causing the problem but with the help of the camera's capture, I saw what the problem was. Thankful that I managed to see what has been causing the problem for the longest time now. 

Thank you Systema for taking care of my teeth =)

  SYSTEMA 3D CLEAN is available in all leading stores and pharmacies nationwide, at RM11.50 (GST incl).

For more information, kindly visit their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/KeepSmilingMY

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