October 13, 2015

Pink Passion Eyelash extension(plus discount voucher!)

In conjunction with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, The Butterfly Project collaborated with Pink Passion and I was lucky to be able to take part to review the eyelash extension service in Pink Passion. Read further below for discount voucher to be given away and 10% of the price you pay will be donated to Pink Ribbon =))

Pink Passion is located at Sunwaymas Commercial Centre.
It is very easy to spot because it's the only shop that is entirely pink in colour =))
Girls will go ga-ga over this hehe

The interior is comfy and cozy.

I didn't have to wait long nor do I need to fill up complicated forms. I was attended to immediately and was brought into a cozy room. That's an efficient service!

I was going for the Natural Rich Lashes Extension. It uses a special apply technique so that eyelashes are able to last longer and give you a semi-dramatic look. 
Since I've not done any eyelash extension before, the beautician advised that it's best I go for the medium length lashes and I agreed. I don't want to be over dramatic as well and to keep my lashes as natural as possible. 

Prepped for the left eye.

One eye took around 20 minutes. No pain at all and it doesn't involve any exertion on the eyelashes so not to worry. I was even falling asleep during the whole process.The beautician was gentle and I practically didn't feel anything.

One eye done! Another to go.

Both eyes done! I can feel the 'Barbie' effect hehe

Here's the results:





WOW! I was actually surprised with the results. It feels natural but yet you can see the difference in my eyelashes. The curl was perfect and the length was just nice.

It's so natural and in fact, you can't really see the fake lashes being glued on the real lashes.

The extension can last up to a month depending how one takes care of it. You can put on makeup but removing eyeliner should use a cotton bud instead of cotton. Just be careful of not rubbing the eyes, put force on the eyelashes, pulling them etc otherwise the duration for it to last is shorten.

Yay! I don't need to apply mascara for at least 3-4 weeks when I have these extensions on =) You know I really dislike removing mascara at the end of the day. Besides, all those rubbing/removing, will only damage my gentle eye area. Hence, this is the other alternative of waking up to pretty lashes without having any eye makeup on! It's so natural that my BFF thought it was just mascara!

The downside to it is that it needs some getting use to. Although it's lightweight and you cannot feel the weight of the fake lashes, but you know there's something on the lashes. Like I need to consciously remind myself not to bury myself in the pillow for fear of destroying my lashes, not to rub my eyes and something I really need to remember is when I wash my face. I am very used to washing my eyelids and then rub my eyes from the water after washing my face. I'm trying very hard to avoid doing that now. 

But I can have pretty lashes everyday without needing to get up extra early in the morning for my eye makeup =) And it stays perfectly curled all the time!

Now, here's some special discount for you readers!

Just flash this coupon when you visit Pink Passion and you are entitled for the Natural Rich lashes Extension at only RM88. The Buy 1 free 1 means you pay RM88 for the extension and you get free touch up within 7 days. Normal price is RM258 so you save up to 65% =) Who doesn't like a good discount ^_^ Kindly make your booking today before it expires on 15th December 2015.
Please be informed that any removal of extension thereafter is subject to a fee of RM50 when you go back to the outlet.

Pink Passion
Sunway Mas Commercial Center Outlet
No.37-1, Jalan PJU 1/3C,
Sunwaymas Commercial Centre,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
03-7805 7285

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