April 27, 2014

Save the Ocean, Save the Sharks with h2o+

Thanks to TheLilacBox, I've got the chance to meet h2o+ brand ambassadors, Priscilla Wong & Aric Ho on 26th April at One Utama!

Customers got a chance to meet and mingle with them as well when they purchase RM200 & above worth of h2o+ products.

So I arrived at the event place and there were huge posters of Priscilla Wong & Aric Ho

There were already many people waiting to see the ambassadors.

This event is not just to meet and mingle with the ambassadors, but also to promote marine conservation to create awareness to value shark populations in Malaysia. 
h20+ as the leading global brand in the science of marine skincare join hands with Shark Saver Malaysia to host this marine conservation program.

I am sure you have seen the 'I'm FINished' campaign on TV. 

We were served with h20+ collagen drinks mixed with fruit juices! Yumm

And pastries as well while waiting for the guests of honour...

By the way, do you know of Priscilla Wong and Aric Ho? To be honest, I didn't know who were they.
But see the above picture and then see below...

Look soooo different in real life, no???
I saw them but I didn't know they were the ambassadors, but I started hearing shouts and screams and I saw where everyone was looking at...and then someone told me, it's THEM!!
And so, I was like, Priscilla Wong is so gorgeous in real life!!! Seriously, the photos all around in the posters do not do her justice at all!

Priscilla is a Hong Kong TV travel host and actress while Aric is a Malaysian actor and singer.
Both are beautiful and were very cheerful and friendly!

They were there to not only talk about their skincare regime, but to also raise awareness on Malaysia being the 8th largest catchment country ranked 4th for shark fins import.

So they asked who doesn't eat shark fins *raise hands* hehe

Okay, I totally have a girl crush on her. I can't believe I didn't know who she was before this lol
She is sooooo gorgeous with beautiful skin and smiles so much. She waves at all her screaming fans and is very bubbly. A famous star with such great personality is always to be admired.

Picture time with the stars!!

And of course the selfie craze happened at the event too hahaha

You can also help save the sharks by stopping consumption or sale of shark fin. RM5 will be contributed to Shark Savers Malaysia with every purchase of "Save the Ocean, Save the Sharks" t-shirt sold at RM25.
You can purchase them at the h20+ roadshow in One Utama from 23rd til 27th April 2014.

My memorabilia from the photo session <3
Great to have met two lovely ambassadors =)

End of week

Tiring, tiring week!

More than 12 hours a day of work + little sleep + running here and there + keeping up with this blog/events


Every morning I feel like...


But...it's okay...


Today is Sunday, and I am going to put on Bruno Mars 'Lazy' song and just do NOTHING!
Of course by nothing, it means...

Getting the cutest mask in my collection..

Putting it on..

And reading my favourite magazines and daydream...


April 26, 2014

Malaysia's 2014 Clothes Buffet

Remember my post on Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet?
Well, it finally happened and excited as I was, woke up early and headed to Taylor's Lakeside Campus on a Saturday morning!

Gosh, first time here and makes me think how sad my college is.
Taylor's Lakeside Campus is like a world on its own. I could totally study there with that gorgeous environment and so many food outlets!

The Clothes Buffet happened at Syopz Mall.

The Aussino sale was happening at the same time as well. Sale was up to 80% off!

This is the 'shopping area'.
Shoppers will go inside this area and start finding their clothes within 15 minutes to put into their ziplock bag.

My session was 10am and so we queued before the shopping area and when it was time, they let us in and we started hunting for our choice of clothing. There was a big screen which does a countdown to let us know how much time we have left.

One thing I liked about each session was that, they only let a certain amount of people in so that the shopping area wouldn't be overcrowded. All the shoppers I went in with were decent and no cat fights or whatever lol and since there were quite a small number of people, we managed to rummage through the stocks with ease.

Choice of clothing were many, but sadly not really my kind of choices...so after 15 minutes, I came out with...

4 pieces of clothes in a tiny ziplock bag hehe.
Record I heard was 14 pieces in that bag!

Hey, 4 pieces for me in that short amount of time is quite a record for me already lol because I am quite picky in my clothes. I will have to measure how long/short, see the quality and if possible definitely would like to try in the fitting room *laughs* So rummaging through the stocks within 15 minutes and coming out with something I would wear, it's still good for me. Actually I only had three and at the very last minute I found another one and dumped it in the bag. That's how picky I can get hehe

Oh by the way, if your bag got torn or burst, then there's a penalty of RM20, so be careful not to stuff too much in.

Us happy shoppers with our bags of clothes!

Further, near the buffet area, there are pop up stores for you to browse through as well.
They sell clothing, desserts, beauty boxes, accessories, etc etc


Wana see my haul?

Polka dot satin dress, maxi dress, houndstooth lace dress and a short jumpsuit =)

For a ziplock bag which costs RM60, I think it is worth it!

Interested to be part of this unique shopping experience?
You can still join by heading over to Taylor's Lakeside Campus tomorrow(Sunday 27th April) from 10am-6pm!

April 19, 2014

Enchanteur Forever Love

I am sure all of you have heard of the brand Enchanteur. After all, Enchanteur is the No.1 brand in the mass market fragrances category in Malaysia.

They have previously launched their line of fragrance called Enchanteur Love featuring two enchanting scents - Enchanteur Celebrate Love and Enchanteur Forever Love. This range is specially dedicated to women who are in a committed relationship. It celebrates every romantic moment with your other half.

At the previous Guardian's My Date with Beauty, I received the Forever Love fragrance in my goodie bag. I loved it so much that I decided to share with you readers hehe

Enchanteur-Forever Love unfolds the promise of everlasting love.

Elegant glass perfume.

The fragrance bottle cap is specially designed to look like an emerald cut jewel. Because of course we women love diamonds!

The scent is described as:

"A lovely citrusy and musky blend, Forever Love opens up with a lively mix of Bergamot, Lemon and Mandarin combined with the sweetness of Cassis, Pineapple and Apple that symbolizes the beginning of a wonderful journey of love. It then blossoms beautifully into a floral bouquet of Roses, Jasmine, Geranium and Fressia just like true love that grows deeper. Warm Musk and Amber complete the fragrance to signify the promise of an everlasting love."

If the description is too difficult to understand(lol!), it basically is a sweet scent perfect for all ladies out there signifying the romance of love. I really love that it is not overpowering, not too strong scented but just the perfect blend. Fantastic for a date night with your man! After all, every girl would want to smell wonderful for their man, right? Further, I am absolutely impressed with the love story behind the Enchanteur Love fragrances which surrounds the celebration of L-O-V-E.

Besides, it is super reasonable as well and can be easily bought in any leading pharmacies or supermarkets.

Enchanteur Forever Love EDT 50ml only costs RM31.90. I am in love! Are you?

Heaven on Earth Lavender Floral Water

A stressed day out with the hot weather, water rationing and pollution can be exhausting. And exhaustion makes our skin oily, tired and dull. Fortunately, there’s a quick remedy to uplift, restore and refresh your skin!

The secret product can be found at HiShop!

Right at your doorstep, perfectly wrapped, waiting to be used =)

It is a multipurpose mist formulated with light concentration of lavender essential oil, a combination that promises to give a refreshing and uplifting sensation to your skin, body and mind. It is soothing, relaxing and balances skin at the same time mentally refreshing!

A product from Australia.

The consistency is almost as clear as pure water. It is Alcohol-free scented with light concentration of essential oil with just a tiny pinch of lingering lavender scent.

Lavender is well known for its soothing properties that work to calm and relax your senses. Packed in a convenient spray bottle, this floral water is suitable for many uses.

Ideal as:

-Facial toner in skin care routine(alcohol free)

- Body/hair/skin care(eg.: add into powder face mask)

-Fragrance mists/linen/room sprays

-Coolant for minor burns

-Quick pick-me-up spray

-Suitable for all skin types.

And because it is alcohol-free, it is gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin and also baby-friendly. (Spray on tissue to use as baby wipes) It can be used for almost anything!

Just lightly spray on your face.

Within seconds, my skin felt refreshed and the lavender scent made me relaxed. 
The scent may seem overpowering at first sniff. However, after spraying on the face, you will realise that the scent will go off in a while leaving just a tiny lingering lavender scent.

Perfect for a long day at work when all you need is something to refresh yourself. In between working hours, just spray it on your face and you could go back and do your job with much more energy after getting rid of the dullness and tiredness.

My handy floral water mist to freshen me up!

Selling at RM69 for a 150ml bottle at HiShop. 
Also, you will get a mini Lavender soap cube with every purchase of Lavender Floral Water(while stocks last)

Get your own Heaven on Earth Lavender Floral Water today with 15% discount just for 'Dreamer' readers. Just use the discount code: ESTHERLKE

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