April 19, 2014

Heaven on Earth Lavender Floral Water

A stressed day out with the hot weather, water rationing and pollution can be exhausting. And exhaustion makes our skin oily, tired and dull. Fortunately, there’s a quick remedy to uplift, restore and refresh your skin!

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Right at your doorstep, perfectly wrapped, waiting to be used =)

It is a multipurpose mist formulated with light concentration of lavender essential oil, a combination that promises to give a refreshing and uplifting sensation to your skin, body and mind. It is soothing, relaxing and balances skin at the same time mentally refreshing!

A product from Australia.

The consistency is almost as clear as pure water. It is Alcohol-free scented with light concentration of essential oil with just a tiny pinch of lingering lavender scent.

Lavender is well known for its soothing properties that work to calm and relax your senses. Packed in a convenient spray bottle, this floral water is suitable for many uses.

Ideal as:

-Facial toner in skin care routine(alcohol free)

- Body/hair/skin care(eg.: add into powder face mask)

-Fragrance mists/linen/room sprays

-Coolant for minor burns

-Quick pick-me-up spray

-Suitable for all skin types.

And because it is alcohol-free, it is gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin and also baby-friendly. (Spray on tissue to use as baby wipes) It can be used for almost anything!

Just lightly spray on your face.

Within seconds, my skin felt refreshed and the lavender scent made me relaxed. 
The scent may seem overpowering at first sniff. However, after spraying on the face, you will realise that the scent will go off in a while leaving just a tiny lingering lavender scent.

Perfect for a long day at work when all you need is something to refresh yourself. In between working hours, just spray it on your face and you could go back and do your job with much more energy after getting rid of the dullness and tiredness.

My handy floral water mist to freshen me up!

Selling at RM69 for a 150ml bottle at HiShop. 
Also, you will get a mini Lavender soap cube with every purchase of Lavender Floral Water(while stocks last)

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