April 19, 2014

Enchanteur Forever Love

I am sure all of you have heard of the brand Enchanteur. After all, Enchanteur is the No.1 brand in the mass market fragrances category in Malaysia.

They have previously launched their line of fragrance called Enchanteur Love featuring two enchanting scents - Enchanteur Celebrate Love and Enchanteur Forever Love. This range is specially dedicated to women who are in a committed relationship. It celebrates every romantic moment with your other half.

At the previous Guardian's My Date with Beauty, I received the Forever Love fragrance in my goodie bag. I loved it so much that I decided to share with you readers hehe

Enchanteur-Forever Love unfolds the promise of everlasting love.

Elegant glass perfume.

The fragrance bottle cap is specially designed to look like an emerald cut jewel. Because of course we women love diamonds!

The scent is described as:

"A lovely citrusy and musky blend, Forever Love opens up with a lively mix of Bergamot, Lemon and Mandarin combined with the sweetness of Cassis, Pineapple and Apple that symbolizes the beginning of a wonderful journey of love. It then blossoms beautifully into a floral bouquet of Roses, Jasmine, Geranium and Fressia just like true love that grows deeper. Warm Musk and Amber complete the fragrance to signify the promise of an everlasting love."

If the description is too difficult to understand(lol!), it basically is a sweet scent perfect for all ladies out there signifying the romance of love. I really love that it is not overpowering, not too strong scented but just the perfect blend. Fantastic for a date night with your man! After all, every girl would want to smell wonderful for their man, right? Further, I am absolutely impressed with the love story behind the Enchanteur Love fragrances which surrounds the celebration of L-O-V-E.

Besides, it is super reasonable as well and can be easily bought in any leading pharmacies or supermarkets.

Enchanteur Forever Love EDT 50ml only costs RM31.90. I am in love! Are you?

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