April 26, 2014

Malaysia's 2014 Clothes Buffet

Remember my post on Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet?
Well, it finally happened and excited as I was, woke up early and headed to Taylor's Lakeside Campus on a Saturday morning!

Gosh, first time here and makes me think how sad my college is.
Taylor's Lakeside Campus is like a world on its own. I could totally study there with that gorgeous environment and so many food outlets!

The Clothes Buffet happened at Syopz Mall.

The Aussino sale was happening at the same time as well. Sale was up to 80% off!

This is the 'shopping area'.
Shoppers will go inside this area and start finding their clothes within 15 minutes to put into their ziplock bag.

My session was 10am and so we queued before the shopping area and when it was time, they let us in and we started hunting for our choice of clothing. There was a big screen which does a countdown to let us know how much time we have left.

One thing I liked about each session was that, they only let a certain amount of people in so that the shopping area wouldn't be overcrowded. All the shoppers I went in with were decent and no cat fights or whatever lol and since there were quite a small number of people, we managed to rummage through the stocks with ease.

Choice of clothing were many, but sadly not really my kind of choices...so after 15 minutes, I came out with...

4 pieces of clothes in a tiny ziplock bag hehe.
Record I heard was 14 pieces in that bag!

Hey, 4 pieces for me in that short amount of time is quite a record for me already lol because I am quite picky in my clothes. I will have to measure how long/short, see the quality and if possible definitely would like to try in the fitting room *laughs* So rummaging through the stocks within 15 minutes and coming out with something I would wear, it's still good for me. Actually I only had three and at the very last minute I found another one and dumped it in the bag. That's how picky I can get hehe

Oh by the way, if your bag got torn or burst, then there's a penalty of RM20, so be careful not to stuff too much in.

Us happy shoppers with our bags of clothes!

Further, near the buffet area, there are pop up stores for you to browse through as well.
They sell clothing, desserts, beauty boxes, accessories, etc etc


Wana see my haul?

Polka dot satin dress, maxi dress, houndstooth lace dress and a short jumpsuit =)

For a ziplock bag which costs RM60, I think it is worth it!

Interested to be part of this unique shopping experience?
You can still join by heading over to Taylor's Lakeside Campus tomorrow(Sunday 27th April) from 10am-6pm!

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