August 30, 2013

Frozen Ground(with Negaraku!)

Since it's Merdeka(Independence Day) week, our national anthem, Negaraku, will be played before any movie starts in all cinemas in our country for a week. It's a first! But of course in the cinema probably some people would still be sitting comfortably munching popcorn while the national anthem is being played, while others would stand but really I couldn't hear anyone singing the national anthem out loud. No surprises there I guess, Malaysians are really not that patriotic.It's a fact!

But then again, this post is about the movie Frozen Ground! hehe

I watched this show without fully knowing what it was about. I knew Nicholas Cage was acting and anything with Nicholas Cage would be good I guess so I just went with it. Only at the end of it, I found out this was based on a true story and I freaked out!

Frozen Ground is about this super sick(as in mentally sick) guy who went on a killing spree, killing beautiful girls after sexually abusing them without his family(wife and children) knowing about it. His family and friends have NO idea about his 'hobby'!!! Makes you wonder sometimes, that people closest to you can be the most deceiving!!

And it actually happened in real life! There is such guy existed who went on killing girls, buried them without a single track all while living a 'normal' life >.< That's why knowing it was based on a true story made it all the more scarier. 

Vanessa Hudgens also starred in this movie.

This movie was very interesting and kept me at the edge of the seat most of the time. It depicts the story like a crime scene investigation. If you like detective show, you'll like this movie.

My rating: 3 and a half stars

P/S: Happy Independence Day people, and do stand up lah when the national anthem is played in cinemas =)

MTV VMA 2013

Thanks to Miley Cyrus' 18SX performance, there was a lot of hype for this year's Video Music Awards.
Most stars decided to skip the red carpet though which was disappointing but here are some to look at..

Selena Gomez gorgeous in Atelier Versace. She's getting more and more sexy but hopefully not to Miley Cyrus' point. But seeing her in Spring Breakers, she's more likely to outgrow this sweet personality.
She won Best Pop Video for 'Come and Get it'

Taylor Swift went Old Hollywood Glamour in Herve Leger by Max Azria. This look is getting boring on her.
 She won Best Female Video for 'I knew you were Trouble'

Lady Gaga surprisingly toned down in a Prabal Gurung gown.
She actually looks normal and nice for once hehe

But of course changed into this seashell bikini for the rest of the night after her opener 'Applause'

Miley Cyrus turned up in vintage Dolce&Gabbana outfit...

But went 360 degrees outfit change in this nude bra and panties.
And seriously, that tongue is very annoying and her entire performance was cringe worthy.
A 20 year old grinding a married 36 year old Robin Thicke in front of the entire world?
That's outrageous!! She must be high or something.

On to more red carpet, Ciara nailed it in an embellished sheer Givenchy Couture!
Unique, sexy and dashing!

Rita Ora in Alexandre Vauthier.
That's an elaborate skirt and very attention grabbing.

Sarah Hyland in Marchesa.
There's something unique about this dress yet looks abit wrong at certain angles.
Not too sure about this dress lol

The best part of the night was Justin Timberlake's stellar performance!
He treated the audience to a medley of his greatest hits and his union with N'SYNC!!
He was fantastic with his moves, his songs and he really deserved the Video Vanguard Award!
As host Jimmy Falone said, he's a legend!!

This VMA really was a mix of everything and worth watching!

August 27, 2013

Liebster blog tag

Beautee Beauty decided to tag me for this chain award questions thingy. I find her questions quite interesting and although I don't know her, I thank her for stopping by my blog and tagged me because 'Dreamer' was worth a read =)

I didn't follow the tag rules but I answered her questions...

1. What is the one beauty product you cannot live without?
Sunblock. I need protection from those harmful UV rays.

Biore UV Aqua Rich remains my all time favourite sunblock.

2. What is your favourite food?
Nasi Lemak! I'm such a Malaysian hehe

Yes, I like it spicy!

3. If you could have one superpower, what would you have and why?
To be able to transport myself by appearing and disappearing hehe That way, I don't have to go through traffic jams and I can appear and travel in any countries I want =))

4. What is your favourite name for a girl and boy?
Girl- Rochelle 
Guy- Ryan ; Yes, I don't know why I have a fascination for the letter 'R' lol

5. What is your favourite ice cream flavour?
Chocolate- hands down! Nothing beats chocolate.

6. Are you a foundation person or BB Cream person?
BB Cream. I like the light-ness of it. Foundation is a bit too heavy and too much makeup on my skin.

7. What was/is your least favourite subject at high school?
Physics! Gosh, luckily I don't have any Physics related subject in college -.-

8. Who is your style icon?
Ivanka Trump. Timeless beauty!

A few weeks after she announced she's pregnant, Ivanka appeared in this stunning gown!
Pregnant and gorgeous *my idol*

9. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Ermm nothing really because variety is truly the spice of life. I get bored of a certain food too fast if I constantly eat it.

10. What is your favourite animal?
None as well lol because I'm sooo not an animal person! But perhaps a very tame pony =)

11. If you could be an actor/actress for a day, who would you be?
Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries!! Hehe because then I get to work with two hot hunks- Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder *swoons* *dreams*

Sandwiched between two hunks. 
That's not called working already >.<

August 26, 2013


I finally succumbed to boredness and deprivation of not watching TV/movie at home for a week LMAO!! Yes, I'm that restless and it's really hard for me to turn away from the TV once I get glued to a movie so the first week post Lasik, I was either going out, doing some computer work or staring at the ceiling. I didn't want to strain my eyes too much for a speedy recovery. But since Saturday is exactly one week since I did Lasik and graduated from antibiotics and hourly eye drops, I decided to reward myself with a movie hehe

And so I went to watch Elysium! Matt Damon has really changed so much! Too bad he was not really an eye candy and there was no eye candies for the guys or the ladies in this movie *sad* Okay okay I know, I should be focusing on the storyline instead *laughs*

Elysium is a place up there for the rich where Earth is over populated, disease prone and the poor is stucked on Earth fighting to stay alive. Gosh, I hope this Earth will not be like that in centuries to come. The setting on Earth is just bad, really bad. Elysium, on the other hand has a medi bed which can heal people instantly, have much better air, greeneries and only the rich are able to buy a ticket up there.

So naturally, Matt Damon wants to go to Elysium having been stucked on Earth and he was injured during work making him all the more reason to want to go to Elysium to be healed. Of course, he does not have enough money to buy a ticket for a flight to Elysium. And that's where all the action starts- he has to fight his way to go up there. The storyline is simple. The action is not bad and the little love story is always welcome.

Basically, it was an average movie. It's quite gory though with a lot of body parts getting blown off here and there LOL Otherwise, it's just good entertainment.

My rating: 3 stars

P/S: Don't take my word for it though, because after every 30 minutes, I needed an eye break for about a minute or two. I might have missed some interesting scenes *laughs*

Go online shopping crazy with HiShop

I'm sure all of you are no strangers to HiShop!
I have been raving about them HEREHERE and HERE but I didn't do a detailed post about HiShop(pronounced as Hai-shop) and how you should totally or will go crazy about this online shopping website!

Firstly, it's an all in one site about everything a girl needs! And I mean everything! From head to toe, you name it, they got it. And then they have to go about tempting us girls with all kinds of discount promos.

All these sales are making me dizzy @.@
And if your hands are as itchy as mine, then I say good luck to your bank account.

And who doesn't appreciate FREE delivery??!
Especially after burning a hole in the pocket, HiShop is kind enough not to burn it deeper.
For purchases above RM50, it's free delivery nationwide =)
There's even Cash on Delivery for those who are not keen on online transactions!
And the delivery is super efficient! All my boxes arrived one day after it was sent out!
Caught your attention already?

Wait, there's more!
I know you ladies love samples to try! The more the merrier, no?
For every purchase, you are entitled to two samples!
How cool is that? It's not everyday you get free samples just by purchasing something.
However, limited brands are available but still, it's a kind gesture by HiShop=)

Furthermore, do not worry about your products leaking or being destroyed.

You see how my Yadah Body Lotion was tightly wrapped, not only to prevent it from leaking and destroying all the other coupons and getting the box wet, but also to protect the lotion bottle itself!
All products from HiShop will be safely wrapped with bubble wraps.

Not only you're getting all the fun from purchasing from HiShop, the fun continues even after that!
HiShop has their very own Reward Points system.
For every RM1 spent = 1 HiShop point
Share successful purchase on FB = 10 points
Confirm order = 10 points
Product review = 100 points
AND more...
For every 100 points earned is a deduction of RM1 for the next purchase.

By creating an account with HiShop, you get to view everything in order about your order history, transactions, affiliate dashboard, all in one.

It's so easy to keep everything on track!

Soooo, what are you waiting for?
Go check out how awesome HiShop is now!
It's very user friendly and easy to navigate so you won't be confused.

The only confusing thing is to choose your preferred brand from all of THAT!
And know this, ALL HiShop brands are 100% genuine and are sourced directly from brand distributors.
If it's up to me, I want one from each brand @.@

But then again, if it's up to me, even receiving this PINK packaging box would be enough reason for me to shop at HiShop *squeallsss*

Shop at HiShop
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August 23, 2013

My Lasik journey: post Lasik

Read my pre Lasik and surgery day posts first! =)

I woke the very next day with clearer vision! I wouldn't say perfect vision but around 95% which was good- as expected. I was able to see far but reading still needs a little more adjusting. I went for my appointment at 11am at Excelview, Mid Valley again. The consultant checked my eyes and tested my vision.

It seemed my left eye has perfect vision however my right eye has some residual power of 0.75 like that. Hmm..well, I guess I could live with that. The reason why I'm still unable to read properly is because he said I have been short sighted almost my whole life and to suddenly have it corrected, my brain still needs adjusting and in a few days time, I would be able to read better. All in all the surgery can be said to be a success. To correct my super high power to now without complications(touch wood) I'm already quite happy =)) The post Lasik appointment was very brief and I'm due for another appointment in a week's time.

So, to celebrate we went to have brunch at Delifrance hehe and I couldn't resist a small treat for myself!

My favourite!! Lemon macaroon hehehe

And then I'm back home with nothing to do again LOL..I just slept the whole afternoon off and at night I listened to radio and..

...played with bubble wraps LMAO!
Yes, for someone who cannot sit still for long, I was already so bored just one day post Lasik =p
I mean I still couldn't read well yet so it's pointless to play with my hp and laptop is a NO-NO for the first two days so I was just laying around doing nothing hehe
That meant longer phone calls(coz I was bored) and higher phone bills =p
I practically did nothing for three days before I'm back to watching some TV and some computer.

There are many things I experienced post Lasik:

- Glare around headlights and streetlights at night. That's why there should be no driving for 1 week at night. As for morning, you can drive if you think your vision is good enough normally after 3-4 days. But doctor will only give 2 days MC and it seems you can be back to normal daily activities after 2 days.

- Must be extra careful when washing face. No washing face vigorously for one week. Eyes can only be pat for one week, so I used a wash cloth for one week. Washing hair can be a hassle because you have to avoid water from entering the eyes. I am so cautious in that and I try my best to close my eyes very tightly when I bathe/wash my hair.

- I go everywhere with my sunglasses and eye drops. I put alarm every hour to remind me of my eye drops. So sometimes it's embarrassing when you're out with people and oh! it's time for my eye drops >.< (It's only for a week though)

-No swimming for one month. I can live with that- it's not like I swim anyway.

- No rubbing eyes for one week. I can live with that as well since I'm so used to contact lens last time, I never rub my eyes.

- No eye makeup for 5 days. I think I would extend this one to probably 2 weeks. I'm a bit paranoid in putting waterproof mascara and removing it. I'm just scared to touch my eye area now after one week of not touching it lol.

- Less than a week post Lasik, my vision is still not 100% It is said to be normal to have fluctuations of vision within the first two weeks. It's probably around 98%. My vision is still as if there's a thin line of film in front of my eyes. I'm able to read better after a few days but still not perfect. I hope by the second week everything will be back to normal.

-From now on, it is advisable for me to take a one or two minutes break after 30 minutes of watching TV, facing the computer or while reading. It has to be a habit for me from now on so that my power will not regress. So while I'm watching a movie, if I miss any important scenes, you'll know why.

Overall, although Lasik only takes less than 10 minutes, the after treatment needs to be thoroughly adhered to. If you don't put your eye drops religiously, you may experience dry eyes after 2 months. If you continue watching TV without breaks, then it's pointless to do Lasik when your power escalates again. The after care of caring for the eyes, no touching or rubbing it and patting the eyes while washing face can sometimes be quite a hassle. So if you're the kind with no patience, not very hygienic and don't follow procedures well, perhaps you need to think twice about Lasik.

I'm now specs-less and contacts-less =))

Lasik was a life changing experience for me. I took the plunge after years of wanting to do it and now whenever I travel, I don't need to worry about bringing my spare contacts, my contacts solution, the casing and my specs. All I need is one bottle of eye drops and my sunglasses which I bring everywhere with me anyway. 

And of course I won't be spending on contacts from now on. Hmmm...maybe, now I can use cosmetic contact lens hehehe because I wasn't able to last time with my astig, I sometimes feel like I'm still wearing contacts. So at night, before I sleep I still have the urge to take out my contacts before realising, I don't wear contacts anymore hehe

August 22, 2013

My Lasik journey: surgery day

Read my pre Lasik journey first =)

I'm a nervous girl. I'm not one of those calm and collected girls who can still be calm through a typhoon. No, I'm the kind that needs reassurance that everything's going to be okay, need both mummy and daddy holding my hands through difficult times, gets all shaky and nervous and the likes of it and especially when it comes to things like needles, surgery and basically anything medicine related.

So naturally, I'm not able to sleep the night before the scheduled Lasik procedure. In fact, I didn't even want to stay at home knowing very well that if I think somemore and the what ifs, I'll go crazy. So I came back quite late and actually slept for a mere 5 hours before I woke up and headed to Mid Valley with my parents.

My Lasik was scheduled at 11am. I wanted it to be early because it was a weekend and finding a parking at Mid Valley could be quite a hassle if we were to go late. I was firstly briefed about the post lasik treatment of eye drops and the dos and don'ts. Then I was given a treatment kit to use after Lasik.

And then I met my doctor, Dr. Hoh. He is a cornea specialist and such a soft spoken person and very warm towards his patients. He is super nice and I knew immediately I would be in safe hands. See, told you, I really liked the environment at Excelview. That's why it is super important for you to choose the environment you're most comfortable in because while you're being nervous and all, a good environment will be able to calm you abit especially with helpful and friendly consultants.

Dr.Hoh did the final eye checkup and I'm good to go for surgery. Before that, he told me since my power is extremely high, I would only be able to do Lasik once in my lifetime and if my power comes back or there's some residue power left behind, I can't correct it with Lasik again. Hence, he said he would try his very best to get a perfect vision without leaving any residue power and I should take very good care of my eyes from now on so that my power will not regress.

Then, it was payment time and I'm off for surgery. I was asked to go to the loo first as I'm not able to go right after the surgery. Then I entered a room where I wore a blue scrub and shower cap. You don't need to change your outfit. In fact, I didn't even realise I was wearing my watch the entire time in the operating theatre(OT)  haha....It was very simple. Put on the scrub, a consultant will help to put the anesthetic eye drops to numb the eyes and before you know it, you're lying on the table at the OT. Oh, you're also given a bean bag to squeeze =)

Instructions given to me:

1. DO NOT move my head

2. Focus on the RED light

3. Try to keep both eyes open at all times

In all my nervousness, I was repeating these three steps in my head over and over again. Then I told myself step 4- JUST BREATHE!

Dr. Hoh really calmed me down. He was saying that don't worry, it's like you're going for facial haha and that point in time, I would believe anything he said. So alright, facial time it is and it's nothing to be scared about. I'm sure extraction in facial would be more painful than this, I thought.

I looked up at the machine and I saw two lights; red and green. Doctor asked me to just focus on the red light at all times.

I did as I was told and then it started. He did my right eye first. There was something to hold my right eye from closing and my left eye was covered but I'm told to open both eyes at all times. The hardest part of all was keeping my left eye open while my right eye was undergoing Lasik. 

I could feel the instrument touching my eyes and felt some pressure but there was no pain. For 30 seconds I couldn't see the light because he was opening the flap. And while the laser was doing its work, you can actually smell burning smell >.< But not to worry and all the time Dr Hoh was talking to me softly and telling me the steps and saying don't worry if you hear this sound, if you smell something burning and it'll be over in a few more seconds, etc. 

I didn't actually count how many seconds the procedure took, but quite fast I think. I could feel after the laser was done, there was some water to drain my eyes and the flap was closed back. Yes, I can see all of these and I was very much awake to know all that's happening. Quite scary but I did not feel any pain though so I thought, okay, I can do this! After the first eye, we rested for 2 minutes and I could actually feel my body more relaxed after that. My poor bean bag almost torn from my long fingernails hehehe

The left eye was the same only that I was a bit paranoid to keep my right eye open this time because it was just fresh from surgery. But I tried my best to keep both eyes open. And then, it was done!! He lied!! It's nothing like facial! Facial extraction is more painful!! *laughs* 

But of course I didn't know what was waiting for me. The after effect when the anesthetic worn off, was a burning feeling! But I only had it in my right eye. I could already see a bit better and my vision on the first day is expected to only be 75%. I was told to rest for an hour but I couldn't rest because my right eye was a bit burning and I was feeling a bit panicky. After an hour, I told the doctor and he checked and said nothing wrong and that it was normal, put some eye drops to numb the pain and everything was good again =)

I was then discharged and could go back home. I had to immediately wear my sunglasses and I felt like a blind person walking in Mid Valley with sunnies. Only thing others did not know was that my eyesight was getting better =)

Everything was good after that. It's like I didn't check into Excelview for a life changing surgery. I could even go elsewhere for lunch with my parents and chit chat like normal after that LMAO!! 

But I was in this for the entire day!
Yes, I was at home with it, bathed with my sunnies and I rested with it haha!
I also couldn't wash my hair and face on that day. I could only wipe my face below and above the sunnies.
So just imagine my oily face >.<

These are my post lasik treatment kit. 1 antibiotic and two bottles of eye drops to defeat dry eyes.
The antibiotic is 4 times a day for 7 days.
The eye drop is HOURLY!! Yes, every hour till the first bottle finishes and for the second bottle, 8 times a day till finish.
So, imagine me everyday putting alarm hourly to remind me for eyedrops >.<

My specs and contacts have been replaced with... new best friends, sunnies and eye drops haha

And these are my sexy eye shields when I go to sleep for the first two days post Lasik.
This is to prevent me from accidentally punching my eyes and cause the flap to move.

I was actually bored already the first day haha. Because I couldn't do anything except rest. I can't watch TV and I was so light sensitive. Even with my sunnies, I felt the lights in my house were glaring! I kept asking my family to off this light, off that light haha So the best place for me was in my dark room, with my sunnies staring at the ceiling until I fall asleep LOL

Overall my first day recovery was good. I was in a rather good mood, vision was a bit blurry with 75%, couldn't read my messages well in my phone, was just on my bed the entire day, religiously putting eye drops and was hoping my vision would be at least 95% the next day and my post Lasik appointment will go well.

Post Lasik post to be continued after this =))

August 21, 2013

My Lasik journey: pre lasik

Hai guys!! I know I know, I'm such a bad blogger these days. I was supposed to write more often after my exams but I had too much on my hands during my hols LOL...I think I practically went out everyday for the past month hehe

Anyway, the reason why I've been missing for the past week is because I underwent Lasik!! Yes, my very first surgery of my life!

This is going to be long so it'll be divided into a few blog posts hehe...This will be a detailed account of my personal journey with Lasik. And no, I'm not writing a review or an ad for anyone. This is to share my story so that those who are contemplating Lasik in the near future will be prepared on what to expect. This is probably my most personal experience I'll ever share in my blog.

And so the story began....hehe I was wearing specs ever since I was 5 years old! Yes, so freaking young! I'm always that nerd girl with glasses in school whose glasses look so heavy it does not seem to fit a small petite girl. Reason why my glasses were heavier than anyone else's is because my power was so much higher than anyone at that age. My power escalated every year and I couldn't do anything about it because one thing is due to my genes as well as my whole family wear specs.

Yeah, if only I was this cute in glasses, I wouldn't be complaining.

Up until Form 3, I decided to wear contact lenses. I felt so much better with contacts because I couldn't feel the heavy glasses pressing on my nose. I was way more comfortable with contacts as well and have been wearing it for 8 years til now. My power has now escalated to 1000+ with astigmatism FML!

I have always been toying with the idea of Lasik ever since it was first introduced. I mean to not wear specs/contacts forever would truly be something I would like to achieve. And it was top on my bucket list! And when I finished my studies this year, I thought, that's it, I'm doing Lasik by hook or by crook. It's now or never. I have a few months of holidays so I can have enough recovery time.

There are so many Lasik centres you can choose from so please choose wisely. I researched a lot and was looking at all the websites for Lasik such as Optimax, Vista, Advance Vision, ISEC, Tun Hussein Onn, etc but I finally chose Excelview.

I was a hardcore contact lens user. I even wore it for naps and I wore contacts for long hours. It's because I was hideous in specs >.< But before you can go for the eye checkup to determine whether you'll be suitable for Lasik, you need to lay off contacts for at least a week or two! Gawd, that was torturing LMAO!

 Day 1: Almost couldn't survive in specs already haha
I was almost blind while bathing, no eye makeup, and that heavy thing on my nose bridge was annoying!
Friends who have not seen me in specs in ages found me looking a bit weird LOL

It's different you see when you're in specs and when you're in contatcs. After being a hardcore contacts wearer, to just change to specs, it's a bit of a change in lifestyle haha I was wearing that heavy specs for 9 days!! To make it even worse, I had three job interviews in that week!! Of all the days of my life, when I'm in specs, I had job interviews with a career prospect -.-

I was thinking finally I'll imprison myself at home but no, it happened to be one of the busy weeks haha..And so happened I was in Mid Valley for a meeting, I scheduled on that same day itself for an appointment with Excelview, situated at 2nd Floor, South Court of Mid Valley, just below the cinema. One of the reasons why I chose Excelview is because they conduct FREE eye checkup. I heard that for those with very high power, there is a very high chance that the cornea is thin and that Lasik would not be suitable. For other places, you'll have to pay around RM200 just for eye checkups. I did not want to pay for the checkup only to then find out I'm not able to do Lasik anyway. 

So, I went to Excelview and did the checkup. All the people there were super nice and super patient! Tell you the truth, I fell in love with that place the second I walked in =)

It was quite a small area but very clean and very nice.

The consultation room.

If you brought someone, don't worry about them getting bored. 
There's lots of magazines to read there hehe

My checkup only took half an hour. It was pretty brief, I don't know why other places need 2 hours. If someone could enlighten me what are the procedure at other places, it would be helpful =) Well, luckily for me, the consultant told me the good news: my cornea is thick and I'm suitable for Lasik!! YAHOO!! I literally wanted to jump for joy hehe I can have clearer vision without aid =))

One thing good about the consultants there, they don't get paid by commisions, so you don't have to worry about them pestering you doing Lasik once you're suitable for it. My consultant, Ricole was super nice. She explained everything I needed to know and never once pushed me for it. Of course, this is a huge step for me and I needed to discuss with my family first and see a suitable date for the surgery. So, I didn't make any commitments there and then and went back home with a file of information given. But I really liked the environment and if I'm going to do Lasik, I have set my mind it'll be at Excelview.

Anyway this is a very simple explanation of Lasik.
Lasik is basically using laser to reshape the cornea which has grown steep. And the laser time for one eye is around 1 minute only! I was told it's a 100% success so there's nothing to worry about.

Only three simple steps and you're done! It's as easy as 1,2,3 hehe

There's a likely chance the doctor couldn't correct my vision to be perfect because of my extremely high power. That's a risk I have to take and although it's a safe procedure and everything is likely to go well, there's a lot of post lasik treatment you have to adhere to and there's also side effects of dry eyes, glaring, etc. And of course Lasik is an irreversible procedure!

The package most suitable for me is the Tissue Saving Lasik which costs RM5,000 for both eyes inclusive of eye drops and post lasik checkups. It was on promotion otherwise it would have been RM5,600. Different people would be advised on a different package.

And so I went back home and discussed with my parents and all and was doing my second guessing here and there and being nervous about it. Yes, I've been wanting to do for quite some time and when I'm actually deciding to do it, all those second guesses came pouring in. I mean of course there's some risks involved and what if here and what if there...but everyone around me gave the green light. Everyone told me to go for it and so the next day, which was a Friday, I decided to book the Lasik surgery for the very next day, Saturday. I know it seemed rush but there were a lot of factors to be taken into account. I needed a driver for that day, I needed someone to take care of me and I didn't want to have more sleepless nights for the coming days so since I was given the green light, I just decided to just go for it and everyone was free on that particular weekend so everything was set!

I'm not supposed to be facing the computer so much post-lasik, so it'll be continued in my next post =)

Til then!

August 14, 2013

Pedas Springs Spa, Genting

If you know Genting Highlands well and if you always hang out at Starbucks, First World, then you would notice across Starbucks there's a huge sign of Pedas Springs Spa! It might intimidate you at first at how big the sign is, or how luxurious the spa would be, but what you don't know is that there's a whole other 'world' behind it!

Pedas Springs, measuring at 15,000 square feet is the biggest spa in Malaysia. It is a wholesome family spa with garden-themed relaxation sanctuary. Your respite from the bustling city, this is where you can calm your body and mind with heavenly treatments and therapies, embraced in the cool mist of a tropical garden ambience. It's the perfect place to relax and rediscover your zest for life!

I, with a few other bloggers were invited to enjoy some pampering session at Pedas Springs Spa. And boy, did I enjoy it to the max! ^^

Welcome to Pedas Springs Spa, where your journey would be of utmost pleasurable!
Pamper.Experience.Detox.Aromatherapy.Stress relief

We changed into really comfy slippers right away!

Our welcome orange juice while we were briefed on the history of Pedas Springs.
Pedas Springs first opened its doors on 20th June 2009 and they just celebrated their 4th year anniversary.
Under Jejari Artistik, this is the only branch in Genting.
However, within First World Hotel itself, they have three other reflexology centres called 'Healing Touch'.

Isabel, Fish and Senri- us enjoying our drink at the relax lounge.

Pedas Springs have their own in-house brand of aroma oils called 'Bliss' from the UK.
Comes in three types -Relax, Reenergize and Refresh.
For our pampering massage session, we were given 'Refresh' which has a wonderful scent of citrus, grapefruit and orange.
In fact, when you enter Pedas Springs itself, you can smell the aromatherapy scent all round and it's so calming.

We were then given a tour around the area.
Picture credit: Pedas Springs FB

Picture credit: Pedas Springs FB

The outdoor garden terrace.
You can enjoy the cool fresh air here while resting.
Many events were held here as well because it's such a cozy place overlooking the outdoor theme park and you can absolutely enjoy the misty fresh air!
There's also a floating villa with lake view!
Because of the gorgeous scenery overlooking, it's also a great place for couples to come for their wedding photoshoot.

Premier room which has a private balcony overlooking outdoors.

Another huge treatment room for three people.

Private sauna room and bath.

Private jacuzzi room with bath.
A private jacuzzi with milk bath and body scrub for three hours can cost up to RM478.

Will show more of it as we go along my journey during the pampering session =)

We changed into our robes and was wrapped with a scarf because it was a bit chilly.
I think the scarf is such a genius idea especially since us girls were shivering around as the weather that day was exceptionally cold and misty.

Our first session: foot soak.
Ms.Sophe was my therapist for the day and she soaked my feet in lukewarm water with the Bliss oil I mentioned earlier.

The girls getting their feet soaked as well and of course taking pictures hehe

It has a minty feeling after that which was really refreshing!

And then I'm off to foot steam. The minty sensation of my feet with the warm foot steam was the best!
I could just feel my feet thanking me after a long day walking around Genting the night before.

Then there's refreshment!
Tell me which spa actually provide food during your spa experience??
Only at Pedas Springs ^^
Yummy eggs with special fillings, cheese cakes, egg and tuna sandwiches.

Let me tell you that vege soup...was the BOMB! I think I had about 4 bowls of that in 5 hours! *greed*
And don't even get me started on the food. I might have taken 10 of each variety *hush hush* *shies away*
The food was that good! They have an in-house chef to prepare all these yummy-licious. 

Us enjoying our refrehsments!
Picture credit: Illy Arrifin

Now, it's time to enjoy the spa facilities!!
My favourite part of the entire session hehe

This is the public jacuzzi as compared to the private one shown earlier.
So be mindful that you might be sharing a tub full of skinny girls *laughs* *self conscious alert*
The water is 40 degrees celsius hot which was so welcoming after the chilly weather outside.
We soaked for about 20 minutes.

Then we drank loads of water to hydrate ourselves and went into the steam room.
The steam room is special because there's Eucalyptus oil mixed in the steam.
It was warm, with some drippy water and you can just sit there and relax.

Then once again we hydrate ourrselves with cool water because our body is hot and you might faint from all the heat. If you can't stand the warmth, it's best not to stay too long in the jacuzzi or in the steam room.

I, on the other hand, couldn't get enough of it *laughs* and off we went into the sauna room.
This sauna room is also a bit different as it operates on infra red.
We sat there, sweated, hoping to lose some weight and talked stories as us girls would normally do hehe

I really enjoyed the spa facilities! It was huge, very clean and it was a fun and relaxing time!

After all is done, we changed and rested at the movie lounge.
You can sit there and watch whatever that's being projected.
The sofa is superrrrr comfy!!!

You can open up the sofa in a sleeping position.
As you can see behind me, there's a lady sleeping there.
I could totally doze off right there if not for my next treatment which was sleeping worthy as well hehe

My leg massage which lasted for 40 minutes.
This is by far the longest leg massage I ever had!

As you can see, I was pretty excited for it *laughs*
I'm not really a massage person as I don't like that sometimes it hurts, but you can always tell your therapist how much pressure should she use.
I asked for less pressure and the whole massage was wonderful! My tired legs were rejuvenated!
Picture credit: Illy Ariffin

Loving the warmth of my pink blanket and I almost slept off.

Next on the agenda: Head and shoulder massage.
Gosh, that was such a stress reliever.
Loving every bits of it =)
The Bliss oil used was really refreshing and I felt so awake, refreshed and rejuvenated!!

We then went to the huge bathroom to bath and get changed.

The bathroom has everything really.
Hairdryer- check, shampoo-check, conditioner-check, body wash-check

Hand towel- check

Hair gel-check, body powder and lotion-check, ear bud-check

Lastly, my favourite as well, manicure session!! YAY!!

Manicure costs RM68 onwards.

I chose OPI's latest liquid sand.

Getting my manicure while Senri's getting her pedicure.
Picture credit: Pedas Springs FB

It's been awhile since I've pampered my nails to a good mani hehe

Ta-dah!! Absolutely lurrvvee my gorgeous shiny nails!
If you look closely, OPI's liquid sand feels like you just cut out sandpaper and stucked on your nails hehe
My manicurist, Ms Vivian was very meticulous and did her job well.

It was a perfect ending to a fantastic day at Pedas Springs^^

Thanks Fish for extending the invite =))

A very big thank you to the Pedas Springs team for making our trip there so worthwhile and for being so hospitable and taking care and pampering us well *bows*
Special thanks to Jessey for arranging this, Benny for the tour, Sophe, my wonderful therapist, Aunty Linda for her fantastic hospitality and everyone else for a great day at Pedas Springs =)

It's definitely a place to visit if you want to relax when you're up in Genting or otherwise it's just an hour's drive from the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Facebook: Pedas Springs Spa
Pedas Springs Spa opens daily from 9am to 3am. 
For more information, please call 03-6101 1385