August 23, 2013

My Lasik journey: post Lasik

Read my pre Lasik and surgery day posts first! =)

I woke the very next day with clearer vision! I wouldn't say perfect vision but around 95% which was good- as expected. I was able to see far but reading still needs a little more adjusting. I went for my appointment at 11am at Excelview, Mid Valley again. The consultant checked my eyes and tested my vision.

It seemed my left eye has perfect vision however my right eye has some residual power of 0.75 like that. Hmm..well, I guess I could live with that. The reason why I'm still unable to read properly is because he said I have been short sighted almost my whole life and to suddenly have it corrected, my brain still needs adjusting and in a few days time, I would be able to read better. All in all the surgery can be said to be a success. To correct my super high power to now without complications(touch wood) I'm already quite happy =)) The post Lasik appointment was very brief and I'm due for another appointment in a week's time.

So, to celebrate we went to have brunch at Delifrance hehe and I couldn't resist a small treat for myself!

My favourite!! Lemon macaroon hehehe

And then I'm back home with nothing to do again LOL..I just slept the whole afternoon off and at night I listened to radio and..

...played with bubble wraps LMAO!
Yes, for someone who cannot sit still for long, I was already so bored just one day post Lasik =p
I mean I still couldn't read well yet so it's pointless to play with my hp and laptop is a NO-NO for the first two days so I was just laying around doing nothing hehe
That meant longer phone calls(coz I was bored) and higher phone bills =p
I practically did nothing for three days before I'm back to watching some TV and some computer.

There are many things I experienced post Lasik:

- Glare around headlights and streetlights at night. That's why there should be no driving for 1 week at night. As for morning, you can drive if you think your vision is good enough normally after 3-4 days. But doctor will only give 2 days MC and it seems you can be back to normal daily activities after 2 days.

- Must be extra careful when washing face. No washing face vigorously for one week. Eyes can only be pat for one week, so I used a wash cloth for one week. Washing hair can be a hassle because you have to avoid water from entering the eyes. I am so cautious in that and I try my best to close my eyes very tightly when I bathe/wash my hair.

- I go everywhere with my sunglasses and eye drops. I put alarm every hour to remind me of my eye drops. So sometimes it's embarrassing when you're out with people and oh! it's time for my eye drops >.< (It's only for a week though)

-No swimming for one month. I can live with that- it's not like I swim anyway.

- No rubbing eyes for one week. I can live with that as well since I'm so used to contact lens last time, I never rub my eyes.

- No eye makeup for 5 days. I think I would extend this one to probably 2 weeks. I'm a bit paranoid in putting waterproof mascara and removing it. I'm just scared to touch my eye area now after one week of not touching it lol.

- Less than a week post Lasik, my vision is still not 100% It is said to be normal to have fluctuations of vision within the first two weeks. It's probably around 98%. My vision is still as if there's a thin line of film in front of my eyes. I'm able to read better after a few days but still not perfect. I hope by the second week everything will be back to normal.

-From now on, it is advisable for me to take a one or two minutes break after 30 minutes of watching TV, facing the computer or while reading. It has to be a habit for me from now on so that my power will not regress. So while I'm watching a movie, if I miss any important scenes, you'll know why.

Overall, although Lasik only takes less than 10 minutes, the after treatment needs to be thoroughly adhered to. If you don't put your eye drops religiously, you may experience dry eyes after 2 months. If you continue watching TV without breaks, then it's pointless to do Lasik when your power escalates again. The after care of caring for the eyes, no touching or rubbing it and patting the eyes while washing face can sometimes be quite a hassle. So if you're the kind with no patience, not very hygienic and don't follow procedures well, perhaps you need to think twice about Lasik.

I'm now specs-less and contacts-less =))

Lasik was a life changing experience for me. I took the plunge after years of wanting to do it and now whenever I travel, I don't need to worry about bringing my spare contacts, my contacts solution, the casing and my specs. All I need is one bottle of eye drops and my sunglasses which I bring everywhere with me anyway. 

And of course I won't be spending on contacts from now on. Hmmm...maybe, now I can use cosmetic contact lens hehehe because I wasn't able to last time with my astig, I sometimes feel like I'm still wearing contacts. So at night, before I sleep I still have the urge to take out my contacts before realising, I don't wear contacts anymore hehe


  1. Rosalind Sia Guen LinAugust 24, 2013 at 1:25 AM

    Hey Esther! Oh my goshhh... What an experience. Hahaha!I really had the thought of doing lasik too, perhaps with my 1st salary next year or something. =P Ur posts give me confidence in doing it, thank u so much! Really appreciate it. <3

  2. Awww thanks girl!! Yeah, you should really consider Lasik if you're interested. It's worth it =)

  3. I had lasik exactly 3 days before you. Good to hear about your progress. Mine is about 95% also. They say that corneas take time to heal. I hope so :)

  4. Hai phartle, yeah it takes time and now I can say I'm fully recovered with good vision =) I'm in my third week post lasik and it's all well. You'll be great in no time =)