August 14, 2013

Pedas Springs Spa, Genting

If you know Genting Highlands well and if you always hang out at Starbucks, First World, then you would notice across Starbucks there's a huge sign of Pedas Springs Spa! It might intimidate you at first at how big the sign is, or how luxurious the spa would be, but what you don't know is that there's a whole other 'world' behind it!

Pedas Springs, measuring at 15,000 square feet is the biggest spa in Malaysia. It is a wholesome family spa with garden-themed relaxation sanctuary. Your respite from the bustling city, this is where you can calm your body and mind with heavenly treatments and therapies, embraced in the cool mist of a tropical garden ambience. It's the perfect place to relax and rediscover your zest for life!

I, with a few other bloggers were invited to enjoy some pampering session at Pedas Springs Spa. And boy, did I enjoy it to the max! ^^

Welcome to Pedas Springs Spa, where your journey would be of utmost pleasurable!
Pamper.Experience.Detox.Aromatherapy.Stress relief

We changed into really comfy slippers right away!

Our welcome orange juice while we were briefed on the history of Pedas Springs.
Pedas Springs first opened its doors on 20th June 2009 and they just celebrated their 4th year anniversary.
Under Jejari Artistik, this is the only branch in Genting.
However, within First World Hotel itself, they have three other reflexology centres called 'Healing Touch'.

Isabel, Fish and Senri- us enjoying our drink at the relax lounge.

Pedas Springs have their own in-house brand of aroma oils called 'Bliss' from the UK.
Comes in three types -Relax, Reenergize and Refresh.
For our pampering massage session, we were given 'Refresh' which has a wonderful scent of citrus, grapefruit and orange.
In fact, when you enter Pedas Springs itself, you can smell the aromatherapy scent all round and it's so calming.

We were then given a tour around the area.
Picture credit: Pedas Springs FB

Picture credit: Pedas Springs FB

The outdoor garden terrace.
You can enjoy the cool fresh air here while resting.
Many events were held here as well because it's such a cozy place overlooking the outdoor theme park and you can absolutely enjoy the misty fresh air!
There's also a floating villa with lake view!
Because of the gorgeous scenery overlooking, it's also a great place for couples to come for their wedding photoshoot.

Premier room which has a private balcony overlooking outdoors.

Another huge treatment room for three people.

Private sauna room and bath.

Private jacuzzi room with bath.
A private jacuzzi with milk bath and body scrub for three hours can cost up to RM478.

Will show more of it as we go along my journey during the pampering session =)

We changed into our robes and was wrapped with a scarf because it was a bit chilly.
I think the scarf is such a genius idea especially since us girls were shivering around as the weather that day was exceptionally cold and misty.

Our first session: foot soak.
Ms.Sophe was my therapist for the day and she soaked my feet in lukewarm water with the Bliss oil I mentioned earlier.

The girls getting their feet soaked as well and of course taking pictures hehe

It has a minty feeling after that which was really refreshing!

And then I'm off to foot steam. The minty sensation of my feet with the warm foot steam was the best!
I could just feel my feet thanking me after a long day walking around Genting the night before.

Then there's refreshment!
Tell me which spa actually provide food during your spa experience??
Only at Pedas Springs ^^
Yummy eggs with special fillings, cheese cakes, egg and tuna sandwiches.

Let me tell you that vege soup...was the BOMB! I think I had about 4 bowls of that in 5 hours! *greed*
And don't even get me started on the food. I might have taken 10 of each variety *hush hush* *shies away*
The food was that good! They have an in-house chef to prepare all these yummy-licious. 

Us enjoying our refrehsments!
Picture credit: Illy Arrifin

Now, it's time to enjoy the spa facilities!!
My favourite part of the entire session hehe

This is the public jacuzzi as compared to the private one shown earlier.
So be mindful that you might be sharing a tub full of skinny girls *laughs* *self conscious alert*
The water is 40 degrees celsius hot which was so welcoming after the chilly weather outside.
We soaked for about 20 minutes.

Then we drank loads of water to hydrate ourselves and went into the steam room.
The steam room is special because there's Eucalyptus oil mixed in the steam.
It was warm, with some drippy water and you can just sit there and relax.

Then once again we hydrate ourrselves with cool water because our body is hot and you might faint from all the heat. If you can't stand the warmth, it's best not to stay too long in the jacuzzi or in the steam room.

I, on the other hand, couldn't get enough of it *laughs* and off we went into the sauna room.
This sauna room is also a bit different as it operates on infra red.
We sat there, sweated, hoping to lose some weight and talked stories as us girls would normally do hehe

I really enjoyed the spa facilities! It was huge, very clean and it was a fun and relaxing time!

After all is done, we changed and rested at the movie lounge.
You can sit there and watch whatever that's being projected.
The sofa is superrrrr comfy!!!

You can open up the sofa in a sleeping position.
As you can see behind me, there's a lady sleeping there.
I could totally doze off right there if not for my next treatment which was sleeping worthy as well hehe

My leg massage which lasted for 40 minutes.
This is by far the longest leg massage I ever had!

As you can see, I was pretty excited for it *laughs*
I'm not really a massage person as I don't like that sometimes it hurts, but you can always tell your therapist how much pressure should she use.
I asked for less pressure and the whole massage was wonderful! My tired legs were rejuvenated!
Picture credit: Illy Ariffin

Loving the warmth of my pink blanket and I almost slept off.

Next on the agenda: Head and shoulder massage.
Gosh, that was such a stress reliever.
Loving every bits of it =)
The Bliss oil used was really refreshing and I felt so awake, refreshed and rejuvenated!!

We then went to the huge bathroom to bath and get changed.

The bathroom has everything really.
Hairdryer- check, shampoo-check, conditioner-check, body wash-check

Hand towel- check

Hair gel-check, body powder and lotion-check, ear bud-check

Lastly, my favourite as well, manicure session!! YAY!!

Manicure costs RM68 onwards.

I chose OPI's latest liquid sand.

Getting my manicure while Senri's getting her pedicure.
Picture credit: Pedas Springs FB

It's been awhile since I've pampered my nails to a good mani hehe

Ta-dah!! Absolutely lurrvvee my gorgeous shiny nails!
If you look closely, OPI's liquid sand feels like you just cut out sandpaper and stucked on your nails hehe
My manicurist, Ms Vivian was very meticulous and did her job well.

It was a perfect ending to a fantastic day at Pedas Springs^^

Thanks Fish for extending the invite =))

A very big thank you to the Pedas Springs team for making our trip there so worthwhile and for being so hospitable and taking care and pampering us well *bows*
Special thanks to Jessey for arranging this, Benny for the tour, Sophe, my wonderful therapist, Aunty Linda for her fantastic hospitality and everyone else for a great day at Pedas Springs =)

It's definitely a place to visit if you want to relax when you're up in Genting or otherwise it's just an hour's drive from the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Facebook: Pedas Springs Spa
Pedas Springs Spa opens daily from 9am to 3am. 
For more information, please call 03-6101 1385

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