August 30, 2013

Frozen Ground(with Negaraku!)

Since it's Merdeka(Independence Day) week, our national anthem, Negaraku, will be played before any movie starts in all cinemas in our country for a week. It's a first! But of course in the cinema probably some people would still be sitting comfortably munching popcorn while the national anthem is being played, while others would stand but really I couldn't hear anyone singing the national anthem out loud. No surprises there I guess, Malaysians are really not that patriotic.It's a fact!

But then again, this post is about the movie Frozen Ground! hehe

I watched this show without fully knowing what it was about. I knew Nicholas Cage was acting and anything with Nicholas Cage would be good I guess so I just went with it. Only at the end of it, I found out this was based on a true story and I freaked out!

Frozen Ground is about this super sick(as in mentally sick) guy who went on a killing spree, killing beautiful girls after sexually abusing them without his family(wife and children) knowing about it. His family and friends have NO idea about his 'hobby'!!! Makes you wonder sometimes, that people closest to you can be the most deceiving!!

And it actually happened in real life! There is such guy existed who went on killing girls, buried them without a single track all while living a 'normal' life >.< That's why knowing it was based on a true story made it all the more scarier. 

Vanessa Hudgens also starred in this movie.

This movie was very interesting and kept me at the edge of the seat most of the time. It depicts the story like a crime scene investigation. If you like detective show, you'll like this movie.

My rating: 3 and a half stars

P/S: Happy Independence Day people, and do stand up lah when the national anthem is played in cinemas =)

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