August 6, 2013

Nikon Coolpix P300

I finally got my hands on my winnings!! If you remembered, around 3 months ago, I won a camera!! As a blogger, you need really good quality pictures. And I thought of getting myself a good camera and then it was announced I won a Nikon Coolpix P300 camera worth RM1.2k!!! I was so excited because I was in desperate need of a good camera. In events, people would be carrying a DSLR and I'll be too shy to even carry my lousy camera around *laughs* In fact, my camera died on me a few weeks back and just in time, I met Tammy to redeem my camera =)

And so TADAH!!!

My new baby =)

4.2x zoom
12.2 megapixels
Full HD movie
With a pop up flash

Very user friendly features.

Love the 'scene' mode.

You can play around and choose whichever 'scene' that suits the situation.

I brought my camera to Genting Highlands and played around with it.

I took the cable car and the surrounding trees were breathtaking. 
I changed to 'scene' mode and chose 'landscape' and started snapping.
The greenery captured is picturesque!

When I went up higher, you can now see the mist.

And then it was night time when I brought my camera to play.
I chose 'night' mode and captured this outdoor with flash.

Using the 'scene' mode, I chose 'close up' to capture minute details such as food and its pricing menu.
You can see all the details clearly!
No more blurry images =))

Again with the 'scene' mode, I chose 'food' and there are five different lightings to choose from.
This is more orange-y.

This is a 'blu-ish' lighting.
This lighting is the better choice for the chicken chop.

I was watching the buskers perform at Genting.
And so I tuned to the 'sports' mode under 'scene' because the performers there were fast in their performances. I captured this while the magician was moving around and it did not turn out blurry.

Using 'sports' mode as well, captured this while the dancers were moving very fast!

I used the 'portrait' mode and it instantly brightens my face and clear up imperfections =))
My favourite mode of all!! Now I don't have to worry taking close up portrait pictures hehe

I took a video as well but I do not know how to upload it here *laughs* but safe to say, it was a HD video and was very clear. I can now have clear images and no more blurry pictures *yay!!*

I brought it up for a spa review so stay tuned for better pictures ahead =)

Some features that I love:
- Love the quick response. Just one touch and it'll snap a picture.
- Very quick to load a picture.
- So many 'scenes' to choose from to suit what pictures you want to take.
- Zooms clearly.
- Picture editing within the camera itself

However, it does not have 'anti shake' properties and a memory card is not provided.

Other than that, I had so much fun playing with my new baby hehe. Love love it!!
Thank you so much once again The Butterfly Project and Mr Lens for this awesome collaboration =)
And so now, I can say bye bye to bad resolution pictures hehe

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