May 17, 2013

I won a Camera??!

Yeap, that was my reaction!! After that, my heart was screaming at me...'YOU WON A FREAKING CAMERA!!!!!' And I said out loud, OMG!!!! I won a camera!!!! *LMAO*

Not just a camera, it's a Nikon CoolPix P300 Camera worth RM1,200!!!!!
I mean, I have never been this lucky in lucky draws ever!! Everytime someone talks about lucky draws, I'll be like okay...don't even need to hope because I've never been lucky XD

But luck has it that on last Thursday, while I was checking my Facebook, I saw some notifications and The Butterfly Project Group announced through Youtube that out of 100 bloggers, a random winner was chosen to receive this camera and that winner was ME!!!! *hyperventilates* Lady luck must have been on my side that day haha because the entire day I kept getting lucky and it was definitely one of the best days I've had in months!

So, anyway back to the camera. Remember my post on Mr Lens Affiliate Partner? Well, each blogger who participated in blogging about it will have one entry for the lucky draw. And the prize is this Nikon camera.

Now, it belongs to me!!! =))

Can't wait to get my hands on this baby and play with its features hehe

So obviously you must have noticed I don't really have good quality pics. That's because my camera is lousy and sometimes I only use my iphone to capture pictures. Hence, very bad resolution >.< Therefore, a good camera is what I always needed!

But, bad pics will soon come to an end =)) Once I get my hands on this cam, I promise better pictures okay so that my reviews and event launches piccies will be much nicer to look at =)) hehe

Thank you so much The Butterfly Project Group and Mr Lens for this collaboration and for my winning <3 It really made my day. Best surprise birthday gift ever =)

Review: HERE


  1. wow i didn't know u made an entry about this...until i come here to read ur blog...!!! I can still feel your excitement... the camera is in my hands now.. and if you're free Esther, pls give me a call to come collect it as I don't drive :( and pos laju-ing it might..errr..end up in someone else's hands! scary....

  2. Thank you all!!

    Tammy: Will see you at some events and you can pass it to me =)) Thank you sooo muchie!!