May 6, 2013

Guardian cleansing wipes

I seldom try out Guardian products but I got this cleansing wipes from a goodie bag and decided to try it out. Besides, this Guardian Cleansing wipes is nominated as one of the nominee for the Guardian Customers' Choice Awards 2013. So, should be good.

Cleanses, tones and moisturises skin.
Also, it gently removes waterproof mascara and make-up. It's an all in one.

Enriched with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera extract and Chamomile extract.
Suitable for everyday use.

Peel the adhesive flap which can be resealed.

And so I put it to test to remove my waterproof mascara and waterproof gel eyeliner.

Not bad right? My eye makeup completely comes off!

Here's the residue.

This cleansing wipe is not oily like those liquid remover which makes the face really oily. It also removes makeup effectively while moisturises the skin. I also like how wide the sheet is so you can really clean the entire face properly. This product is not bad and I have tried other Guardian products like their hand wash and body wash and safe to say their products are not only cheap but works wells as well!! *thumbs up*

Guardian Cleansing wipes retails for only RM9.90 for 25 sheets.
Available at all Guardian pharmacies.

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