May 17, 2013

David Beckham retires *sobs*

*sobs* After his ex manager, Alex Ferguson announced his retirement, David Beckham followed suit. Of course, I'm more saddened with Beckham's retirement from football. I won't be able to see him on the field again shooting his best free kicks! Honestly, I only watched England play last time because of him. So crazy about him during World Cup years back LOL

He is the most recognised face in football and one that most footballers look up to. The 38 year old ends his football career at Paris St Germain, France. He is the first footballer I've known and have liked him very much ever since. Until now, I will continue to be his fan. Perhaps, now he might want to coach =))

Goodbye David Beckham! With that good looks, don't stop modelling, okay? I still want to see that handsome face on print ads now that I can't see you on the field *laughs*

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