May 5, 2013

13th General Election

Finally, after months and months of anticipating the voting day, it's finally here!! 5th May is here for all Malaysian citizens to exercise their voting rights!

Here's my first time voting experience. Woke up early morning to go to the school to vote only to see this long queue...

We were queuing at the roadside as only certain number of people were allowed in the school compound at any one time. So just imagine the blazing hot sun, the road dust and cars who were honking >.< I waited for one hour!! It's ok-lah, 1 hour for a better future. It'll be my future anyway =)

There's still some campaigning going on..

The tents set up.

And when I finally got to vote, the whole process was very fast. Went in, SPR staffs checked my MyKad, got my room number and went to the designated classroom and waited for my turn. When my turn came a short while later, presented my MyKad again and the staff cross checked and announced my name. 

Another lady put the indelible ink on my left index finger and I got two ballot papers. I was very careful not to smudge the indelible ink on the ballot papers. Luckily I was given tissue to wipe off the excess. 

Funny thing was I felt like I was going into an exam hall or something like that *laughs* Since it was my first time, I was also a bit nervous and kept looking at the paper for instructions LOL!! I mean I know what to do but when it was actually my turn, I was a bit lost hahahaha And the classroom had no instructions, the ballot papers had no indication whether it's for DUN or for Parlimen and all they had was a box covering you for privacy and a pen. 

I was also a bit 'kan-cheong' coz they kept announcing names and I felt like in a rush to finish voting hehe And so luckily I knew which candidates were contesting for DUN or Parlimen and knew the flags symbol and the candidates names and crossed a huge 'X' on my choice and quickly folded my papers and dumped it in the designated boxes. 

And that's how I voted for my country! hehe But it was really fun seeing all Malaysians get together, rain or shine and vote for our future.

Taken from my instagram @estherlke
Please excuse my swollen eyes @.@ I was having a really bad week =(

And we thought the indelible ink could last for days *slaps forehead*
After washing my hair, that's how it faded. 

Now, we shall all cross our fingers and wait for the results!! Hopefully it'll be peaceful =)

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