August 26, 2013


I finally succumbed to boredness and deprivation of not watching TV/movie at home for a week LMAO!! Yes, I'm that restless and it's really hard for me to turn away from the TV once I get glued to a movie so the first week post Lasik, I was either going out, doing some computer work or staring at the ceiling. I didn't want to strain my eyes too much for a speedy recovery. But since Saturday is exactly one week since I did Lasik and graduated from antibiotics and hourly eye drops, I decided to reward myself with a movie hehe

And so I went to watch Elysium! Matt Damon has really changed so much! Too bad he was not really an eye candy and there was no eye candies for the guys or the ladies in this movie *sad* Okay okay I know, I should be focusing on the storyline instead *laughs*

Elysium is a place up there for the rich where Earth is over populated, disease prone and the poor is stucked on Earth fighting to stay alive. Gosh, I hope this Earth will not be like that in centuries to come. The setting on Earth is just bad, really bad. Elysium, on the other hand has a medi bed which can heal people instantly, have much better air, greeneries and only the rich are able to buy a ticket up there.

So naturally, Matt Damon wants to go to Elysium having been stucked on Earth and he was injured during work making him all the more reason to want to go to Elysium to be healed. Of course, he does not have enough money to buy a ticket for a flight to Elysium. And that's where all the action starts- he has to fight his way to go up there. The storyline is simple. The action is not bad and the little love story is always welcome.

Basically, it was an average movie. It's quite gory though with a lot of body parts getting blown off here and there LOL Otherwise, it's just good entertainment.

My rating: 3 stars

P/S: Don't take my word for it though, because after every 30 minutes, I needed an eye break for about a minute or two. I might have missed some interesting scenes *laughs*

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