August 26, 2013

Go online shopping crazy with HiShop

I'm sure all of you are no strangers to HiShop!
I have been raving about them HEREHERE and HERE but I didn't do a detailed post about HiShop(pronounced as Hai-shop) and how you should totally or will go crazy about this online shopping website!

Firstly, it's an all in one site about everything a girl needs! And I mean everything! From head to toe, you name it, they got it. And then they have to go about tempting us girls with all kinds of discount promos.

All these sales are making me dizzy @.@
And if your hands are as itchy as mine, then I say good luck to your bank account.

And who doesn't appreciate FREE delivery??!
Especially after burning a hole in the pocket, HiShop is kind enough not to burn it deeper.
For purchases above RM50, it's free delivery nationwide =)
There's even Cash on Delivery for those who are not keen on online transactions!
And the delivery is super efficient! All my boxes arrived one day after it was sent out!
Caught your attention already?

Wait, there's more!
I know you ladies love samples to try! The more the merrier, no?
For every purchase, you are entitled to two samples!
How cool is that? It's not everyday you get free samples just by purchasing something.
However, limited brands are available but still, it's a kind gesture by HiShop=)

Furthermore, do not worry about your products leaking or being destroyed.

You see how my Yadah Body Lotion was tightly wrapped, not only to prevent it from leaking and destroying all the other coupons and getting the box wet, but also to protect the lotion bottle itself!
All products from HiShop will be safely wrapped with bubble wraps.

Not only you're getting all the fun from purchasing from HiShop, the fun continues even after that!
HiShop has their very own Reward Points system.
For every RM1 spent = 1 HiShop point
Share successful purchase on FB = 10 points
Confirm order = 10 points
Product review = 100 points
AND more...
For every 100 points earned is a deduction of RM1 for the next purchase.

By creating an account with HiShop, you get to view everything in order about your order history, transactions, affiliate dashboard, all in one.

It's so easy to keep everything on track!

Soooo, what are you waiting for?
Go check out how awesome HiShop is now!
It's very user friendly and easy to navigate so you won't be confused.

The only confusing thing is to choose your preferred brand from all of THAT!
And know this, ALL HiShop brands are 100% genuine and are sourced directly from brand distributors.
If it's up to me, I want one from each brand @.@

But then again, if it's up to me, even receiving this PINK packaging box would be enough reason for me to shop at HiShop *squeallsss*

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