June 4, 2013

HiShop May beauty pack!

HiShop May ambassador pack has arrived! And coincidentally, it arrived on my birthday! =) So yes, a so called birthday surprise gift from HiShop!

Their signature pink beauty box~!

It's a diet month for me hehe

A bit skeptical of trying this though..Afraid I'll be having multiple visits to the loo >.<

I have been eating wayy too much lately and it doesn't help that sometimes I take late night suppers so I needed to go on a diet so as not to put on too much weight!
This is a meal replacement drink.

I blended the Chocolate flavoured powder with low fat milk.
I need to stress that it should not be mixed with cold water. But you may blend with cold milk.
If you want, mix with hot water and stir.

It tasted like chocolate milkshake =)
However, I don't think it worked on me though >.<
This drink can supposedly replace one to two meals per day. But instead I felt hungry(FML!) 
But eating a meal and drinking this diet drink just defeats the purpose right?
Hmmm...maybe it's just me but I don't think this could replace any meal for me.

The packaging is so cute that I can't even throw the card away hehe

Macaroon colour for lips.

And at a separate end..Macaroon colour for cheeks.

Swatches. Left: Lips..... Right: Cheeks
The lip one has a lighter glossy colour and a lighter texture.
On the other hand, the cheek colour is a bit darker and has a thicker creamy texture for long lasting-ness.

I just need one swatch and it's already enough colour for two cheeks!
So I rubbed on my right cheek and the rest...

...rubbed on the left cheek.

This is the colour for only one swatch! So you don't need a lot actually.

Next, moving on to lips.

The lip colour has a natural gloss. 
Just a pink-ish hue which may need reapplication towards the day.

The end result! Kill two features with one stick gloss! Hehe

It saves space, easy to carry around and a girl's best friend =)

Lastly, HiShop packages will always come with free samples. 
This time, It's a twistband from Watsons which is surprising actually. Didn't know Watsons had this thing but it's so convenient especially girls with long messy hair!

Of course, HiShop never forget its customers and their friends!
There are vouchers which you readers can benefit from!
RM20 HiShop voucher for purchases RM100 above valid til 30/6/13 (Code: HS0613)
Alternatively, RM20 HiShop rebate for purchases RM99 above valid til 31/7/13 (Code: HISURPRISE)
Get 8% off your purchase with MilkADeal valid til 30/6/13 (Code: MAD0613)
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Thank you HiShop for the lovely monthly surprises =)

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