June 10, 2013


I attended Celmonze's 'I Anti Cellulite' event last month and Sisters magazine was there for some coverage.
In this June edition, spot me in a small section in Sisters Magazine =) If you don't already know, I can't speak, write or read Chinese. But ironically, this is an entirely Chinese magazine *laughs*

June 2013 edition.

They tagged me in Facebook as well.

Thank you Sisters Magazine for choosing me, your effort to find me, tag me, call me, interview me and have a photo of me. I'm so sorry that I'm not Chinese educated and I can't speak Chinese >.< Luckily the interviewer can speak good English and translated for me into the magazine =)

So if you can't read Chinese as well LOL here's a translation of what I said above. With the help of my mom, friends and of course Google Translate and some of my memory haha, I more or less said...

-A lifestyle blogger, who focuses more on beauty and fashion. I'm a law student who enjoys writing and sharing out stuffs in my blog-

" I'm very honored to be invited to attend Celmonze Body Contour's event. This is the first time I'm attending such event relating to anti cellulite products. What intrigued me to attend such event is because my mother often complained to me about her cellulite problem. Now she can finally have the opportunity to try the brand together with me from the generous Celmonze's team who gave us each an Anti-Cellulite Body Oil. Brand Technical Manager Adealine Wong gave a vivid explanation about the Body Oil and its benefits and now it seems I can seriously look into how to eliminate stubborn fats of cellulite! "

Thank you very much Sisters Magazine!!

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