June 27, 2013


This blogger is currently going through the final hurdle of all these exam stress and will resume to event, parties, reviews ASAP(hopefully!) So don't back out on me just yet okay and no, I have not abandoned this blog hehe

Currently I'm living on...

Maroon 5- Payphone
The same song I was addicted to around the same time last year LOL

Brand's Essence of Chicken.

Brand's Innershine.
Because I don't drink coffee...caffeine is bad for health!

Desserts(with books no less >.<)

Lots of chocs.

And more chocs!

Ice creamm!! Yumms...

And a stash of them in my freezer..yes, I'm a dessert freak!


And more Lollipops and sweets and candies and whatever that keeps me awake!

And of course virtual candies included *laughs* during break time to kill boredom.
Last year was addiction to Draw Something and this year it's Candy Crush!

And finally, all of the above wouldn't happen if not for my companions(books and notes)
Yes, I'm sorry for the unsightly messy bed. My entire room is in that condition now -.-

Lastly, a final camwhore picture of me haha #experimentingredlips
You know how I look these days? Not a single puff of makeup, huge eye bags with under eye dark circles, so unkempt, messy hair, in T shirt and jeans most of the time if I ever go out(no time to dress up) my nails have not been through DIY mani and pedi for months, and the list goes on it's crazy how I live like that!
A word of advice: never ever be like me EVER! I will stop young kids from destroying their lives from now on -.-

On a better note, hopefully all you readers are having better days. Cheers!

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