June 6, 2013

Dreamer turns 3!!! Giveaway alert!!

So sorry guys for the lack of updates. I have been super duper busy!! My blog, Dreamer has turned three a week ago actually but I didn't have the time to announce it together with a giveaway. Also, this is just a really small giveaway for now. Wait up for better ones after my exams, okay when I have the time to sort things out =) Also, I would like to thank you readers for supporting me for three years. My blog is my creation and it's like my baby and I treasure it a lot and with awesome readers like you guys, it's been an added bonus!!

So, for now, I have samples and vouchers for the first two readers who emails me. Please be forewarned most of these vouchers expires end of June/July so unless and until you really want it and can really use it, then do join this giveaway =))

Batch A
-RM30 Murad voucher
-RM25 HiShop voucher for RM50 purchases
-20% discount code for TT mask
-Mary Chia complimentary detox therapy which expires 1st July(pls be warned!)
-Clarins sample
-Juice beauty samples
-Four 50% off any 12 "Papa Johns ala carte pizza vouchers

Batch B
- RM5 off purchases of RM50 from Soap Artisan, Publika
-RM20 discount voucher for Antipodes and Nvey Eco products at TNS Skin Lab
-Four 50% off any 12" Papa Johns ala carte pizza vouchers
-Nature&Co Lotion samples
-Juice Beauty samples
-Dr.Wu BB cream sample
-Oriks BB cream sample
-Sunsilk shampoo and conditioner samples

So here's the rules!!
Email me at estherlke@yahoo.com with the subject 'Dreamer turns 3'
Just mention whether you want to win either Batch A or Batch B.
That's all *laughs* as easy as that...nothing so complicated. If you're the first two that emailed me, you will get a reply email from me stating you're the winner =)

ONLY Malaysian address!

Come come do email me even if just to say hi hehe..Thank you for joining in my simple giveaway. I promise better ones in the future! xoxo

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