June 1, 2013

A year wiser(hopefully!)

Just a little short post from me before I sign off to busy weekend classes >.<
So, I turned a year older! You could probably guess my age but it's okay I won't put it here to remind me *laughs*

You know how when you're much younger, wishes will start off with 'Happy 16th bday!', 'Happy 17th bday!' 'Happy 21st!' And then when the numbers start to get higher, all you get now is 'Happy Birthday!' LOL They probably don't know how old you are or they don't want to remind you how old you're getting =p

So anyway, I'm NOT that old lah! There's still so much to life and so many more adventures that I look forward to. Here's thanking those for the kind birthday wishes and for the wonderful celebrations with my loved ones. I always have a good birthday but this year is even more special =)

It's been busy months so I didn't really feel like celebrating, but all these people put in a lot of effort to carve a smile on my face! So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!