June 6, 2013

SoyaFitz and FibreGo for weight management

These days I need as much energy as I can and as much strength to last for the whole day or if there's classes, last for 7 hours of lecture O.O

And of course, all these will lead to hunger!! And the stress of exams will make me even more hungry!! Hence, I EAT a lot!! Eating keeps me awake and good food makes me feel happy! And so these days, not only I get hungry so easily, I just love eating/snacking. Believe me when I say eating is my only luxury these days LOL 

My friend and I joked that since we're so caught up with stress these days, seeing food is like 'Hallelujah!' Haha I mean if we can't have entertainment, what else can we do? E-A-T and if eating is a luxury, dessert is heaven for me okay! 

Soo...of course it has its consequences. Ended up, I am expanding sideways -.- You know, my metabolism used to be high and I never had a tummy since high school, but I'm getting old I guess and everything seems to be slowing down!

Thanks to OnlyBeauty once again, I get to try Soya Fitz and Fibre Go for weight management. I am not to say expanding rapidly until I'm overweight, I am still underweight though. I just need to watch my eating diet these days and not to put on so much weight and have a flabby tummy >.<

Soya Fitz.

It's a sachet drink. 15 sachets altogether.

It's a 15 day weight management programme and I'm starting on it. *crosses fingers* that it'll help me maintain my normal weight and not make me put on weight hehe 

This is not a meal replacement drink. You can eat normally after taking SoyaFitz but for better results, a balanced diet with SoyaFitz is highly recommended. There is no dieting, no starving, and no need for a special menu yet enjoy a healthier and slimmer body! Wow! Sounds so convincing!

Since I'm not going for rapid weight loss, I take one packet of SoyaFitz daily before meal, instead of 2 packets for weight loss. 

One thing bad about the product is the lack of product information.
You need to go to the OnlyBeauty website for more product info.

SoyaFitz characteristics:

-Minimises cravings for sweets and starchy foods like rice
-Proteins to help retain overall skeletal muscle throughout the weight-loss process
-Protects against thinning skin
-Whitening and moisturising properties prevent the appearance of freckles and wrinkles.

Mix with hot water and stir til diluted.
It's like soya milk but a little bit too sweet for me, though.

My verdict:
It's probably me and nothing to do with the drink because even after drinking meal replacement drink, what more this is just meal supplementary drink, I felt hungry! It was supposed to minimise my cravings but I still had cravings to eat -.- So yeah, it's definitely me, because all these kind of drinks made me hungry instead of curbing my eating habits! FML!

SoyaFitz is made from 100% natural organic soybeans and raw ingredients that meet the health and safety standards of regulatory bodies. It is safe and suitable for long-term consumption to achieve a slimming effect.

Soya Fitz is best coupled with FibreGo for the best weight management programme.


15 golden sachets.

Mix with mineral water like how you would mix your soluble Vitamin C.
It tastes like orange juice but there's a lot of undiluted fibre, making it feel like drinking not properly blended orange juice.
Ermm...I couldn't finish drinking this >.<

How FibreGo works:

-It has Psyllium fibre which is extremely rich in fibre and helps absorb toxins in the large intestine to be excreted. Drinking FibreGo before a meal gives you a sense of being full and it also binds excess fats.
-Bitter orange fruit fibre high in antioxidant that promotes intestinal detoxification, at the same time helping to reduce appetite for controlled eating.
-Aloe Vera stimulates the movement of food to different processing stations in the digestive tract (peristalsis) and promotes better stool excretion.
-Green Tea is an antioxidant that helps fight bacteria, virus, and certain tumours as well as control blood sugar levels and prevents low density fat from being absorbed.

My verdict:
I'm not too keen on products that will help me purge well. So, I didn't drink this together with the Soya Fitz. Probably, that's the reason why the programme will only half work? Because FibreGo was supposed to give you a sense of being full. I was being hungry!(Ahhhhh!) Or probably it's just me again.

FibreGo is formulated according to leading U.S. Nutrition Research guidelines and prepared specifically for the Asian physique and body composition. It presents no side effects and will not cause dependence on the formula. All ingredients are natural and high in quality. FibreGo’s main ingredient is the high purity psyllium which has fibre content of 80%, and makes up 70-80% of an individual’s daily intake of soluble dietary fibre. Comparatively, fibre-rich grains like oats and wheat bran only contribute 15% and 10% of daily fibre consumption respectively. Additionally, psyllium fibre has the ability to absorb water and swell to about 50 times from its original form, helping in large intestine motility and promotes smoother excretion.

Anyhow, I will continue drinking SoyaFitz and see how it goes. I'm still eating well with it so I'm wondering whether I'll lose weight *laughs*

Thanks Only Beauty for letting me experiment with these products =)

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