July 22, 2013

HiShop Beauty Ambassador- Annisue products

Thanks to HiShop, this month, I was one of the beauty ambassador chosen to review Annisue products. Heard of Annisue before? Well, me neither until I received the products!

HiShop's new packaging with a flamingo pink colour box!

So, here's some introduction about Annisue brand.

After many years hunting the best formulation to keep skin beauty, founder Suzana Khalek finally found the formula of marine plant extracts that can stimulate the cells to produce cell culture transformation known as 'Callus'. Unlike other collagen products, Annisue supplies marine plant stem cells to renew the skin cells and boost natural collagen growth. Indirectly, this process stretches the skin because it is rich in plant mineral nutrition, nutrients and amino acids to stimulate innovation and generate new cells while neutralizing free radicals.

The brand has also received a halal certification from JAKIM, so it is safe for Muslims to use.

The directions for the cleanser is in Malay, though it's formulated in USA.
It is a gentle cleanser that helps to improve the pH balance of the skin, leaving the skin clean and soft. It is formulated to be rich in collagen and essence from nutritious marine plants to help improve skin firmness and elasticity.

It is a transparent gel cleanser. All you need is just a pea size.

Mix with water and it'll be soapy to wash the entire face clean. 
It gives out a nice fragrance which is therapeutic while cleansing =)
I find this cleanser to be very gentle on my skin. Further, it does not dry my skin and my skin feels supple and moisturised after every wash! It is great for all skin types!

Stem Cell Moisturizer gel is effective in soothing and stabilizing the skin condition. Helps to reduce skin irritation and restores lasting balance to the epidermis. Provides hydrating, moisturizing and softening effects to the skin, keeping the skin healthy and younger looking.
Contains aloe vera extract specially imported from U.S.A

It is a transparent lightweight gel.

Just spread it across the face after cleansing and toning.

It does not leave a sticky feeling, neither does it make your face oily. I absolutely love how lightweight the gel is and is most suitable for oily/combination skin! Besides that, the aloe vera gel is also soothing for sensitive skin. Gel moisturizers are my favourites and this is definitely for keeps!

Loving the combination of Annisue's stem cell cleanser and moisturizer!
The pricing is also so affordable!
The cleanser retails for RM19.90 for 135ml
The moisturizer retails for RM39.90 for 30ml

There's also an exclusive RM20 rebate for you readers with a minimum purchase of RM99, valid till 31st August 2013. Just key in the code: TRYUSNOW

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Thank you very much HiShop!!
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