July 25, 2013

Murad Skin Centre, Damansara Utama

The first Murad Skin Centre was just launched in June 2013 this year at Damansara Utama. It is the first Murad Skin Saloon and can be easily found in the middle of Damansara Uptown. I'm sure many must have heard of Dr.Murad brand. It is one of the most famous doctor brand from US since 1989 and have been in Malaysia for 10 years. 

The launch of Murad Skin Centre in June this year.

You will be welcomed with a wide range of Murad products displayed!
Seems like beauty heaven for me *laughs*

Even better! A colourful beauty bar for you to actually try out the products. I was most in awe with this beauty bar because I got to play and try out all the products there! 
I was giddy with excitement to see this and especially where there's a basin to wash.

You should definitely visit this centre and have a try at Murad products and experience the wonders of Murad brand yourself.

Dr. Howard Murad himself, 'Aging is a fact of life. Looking your age is not'

I, for one, am definitely no stranger to Murad brand. In fact, if you've read my previous reviews, I have raved about how great Murad products are. Also, I do go for facials at CN Health and Beauty which uses Murad products for facial treatments. Therefore, when I was invited to come to Murad Skin Centre for a review, I was most excited because I absolutely love this brand and actually swears by it!

When I first arrived, the beauty therapists were all very friendly and they could recognise me from my blog *gasps* and Ms. Cass, who so kindly arranged for all these was very warm and sweet and gave a brief introduction about the new skin centre and overall about Murad brand. 

And then my beauty therapist, Ms.Day Lim took over from there. She is the most fun, friendly and kind therapist I ever had! She's so knowledgeable as well talking to me about all the Murad products, it's properties, it's history and everything! Gosh, how can one know so much in detail about all the products is a wonder hehe 

I filled in my details in a form and Ms. Day got to know me better from there and my skin type and concerns. So, my ultimate skin concern is my oily skin and large pores >.< She promised to help me with it and so here's my journey with Murad...

I was brought into the consultation room.

I was firstly treated to a hand wax treatment.
In the meantime, I had my face analysis done by a machine.

My results *covers eyes*
All I can say is bad, bad, bad, bad skin!!
Okay, in my defense *ahem* I had not gone for facial for half a year due to my super busy schedule and have not been caring for my skin plus the stress I had to deal with for the past months due to my grueling studies. And, luck has it that I had to fall so sick the day before til I couldn't even get up that my skin really deteriorated. Luckily, I was well enough to save my skin the next day by Murad *laughs*

So all that makes my age supposedly 22.87.
Good? Bad? Average?
Oklah again in my defense *ahem* I am afterall 22 so in a way it's average and luckily the results did not show 28 or 30 *dies* but it could have been better like showing 18 or 20?? lololol

Then I took off my hand wax and my cuticles were applied with Murad's best selling skin and lip cuticle care.
This is a must-have! I heard many great reviews about it but have never tried it before so I was excited to try it. It really nourishes and moisturises your cuticles and perfect for the lips as well. It's an all in one!

After the analysis, I'm off for treatment! This is the locker...very clean and safe =)

My treatment room =)

All Murad products ONLY!

Murad signature facial comes in a sachet and the therapist will have to mix it and batter in a bowl. 
So the blue sachet is the Signature Blemish Complex Facial to control breakouts.
Additionally, I was also treated to the Hydrolytes treatment which is the two bottles above.

The whole process(which costs around RM400) was somewhat like this:
-Double cleanse
-The sachet mask which was really cooling on my face
-Steam to open my pores and better absorption
-Hand massage
-Pressure point face and shoulder massage
-Hydrolytes treatments
-Double mask
-Eye masks
-Finish off with skin regime

One thing I experienced throughout the facial was that, all Murad products smell wonderful! I was in love with the smell. I kept telling my therapist that 'wow, this one smells so nice!' Murad brand is definitely not one which smells like chemical or has a really pungent smell. Anyway, after the treatment I really felt soooo relaxed and rejuvenated!! Especially after the massage. I don't really like massages because it's painful for me but this one was light and therapeutic and definitely relaxed my strained muscles. Especially so after just coming back from Penang and getting so sick on the bed, the whole facial was something I really really needed!! My face, skin and body was literally thanking my therapist *laughs* 

After almost sleeping on the bed, I got up and I'm done with the treatment. I was given a mirror for a comparison and I was very happy with the results! My face was glowing, my pores became smaller and I was brighter looking! Then I went to the beauty bar to 'play' with the products there! I was also shown some of the products that was used on my face during the treatment. Some are not available for retail as it's only available when you come for facial. 

My face was cleansed with this refreshing cleanser.

It is a creamy texture but soapy and removes makeup sooo easily! Acts as a great makeup remover as well.

Energizing Pomegranate Moisturizer with SPF 15 which is lightweight.
I absolutely love the pomegranate range because of the smell. Pomegranate range FTW!!
From the foam cleanser down to the moisturizer, the smell is enticing!

Oil Free Sunblock with SPF 30.
It is non greasy and non oily.

Did you know, Murad even has an eye cream with SPF 15 PA ++ for the day so it's not enough to apply sunblock on the face only but you must protect your eyes as well with SPF! This is the first I've heard. The skin around the eyes are thin so it needs more protection actually from the sun.

These are my favourite products!
The spray toner and the award winning primers.
Before applying the primer, you need to prep your skin with the toner for easy application.
I love spray toners because I'm lazy like that to use cotton pads *laughs* and the primers are not just makeup base but is also a treatment for the skin. It's basically a hybrid. 

Three types of primers.
Left to right:
Matte finish(darker), Dewy finish and Blemish and shine control primer.

Finally, top it off with a slight gloss.
Energizing Pomegranate Lip Protector with SPF 15 PA++

I really had fun at the beauty bar. I got to try almost all the products there and my therapist was so generous as she let me try anything there. You can play around and see which products suit your skin best and I always believe in testing a product first before buying otherwise if it's not suitable or the shade is darker/lighter, it'll be a waste of money. 

Further, there's starter kits as well before you want to commit yourself to any full size products. All starter kits are priced at RM168.

Sun Undone Starter kit for those who loves outdoor activities.

Get glowing starter kit to restore your luminous glow.

Pore perfection Starter kit to minimize the appearance of pores.

Ban blemishes starter kit to prevent acne and blemishes.

Here's a simple breakdown on some of the packages they offer:
RM5,000 package
-services worth RM7,500
-products worth RM2,000

RM3,000 package
-services worth RM4,050
-products worth RM1,200

RM1,800 package
-services worth RM2,250
-products worth RM800

Besides that, since it's a new opening, they have some loyalty reward program.
They have a treatment points system where you can collect points from purchasing products and redeeming it for services.

Besides that, they also have a 'reward yourself' card.

Receive a stamp for each RM150 spent on Murad products.

Opening special.

The free gift entitled is this set of Murad products worth RM250.

And recently, they have this Hari Raya promotion which is so worth it!

Further, Murad gives back to society as well.
They have a charity rewards program where certain percentage of proceeds will be directed towards Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia.
They have three different sets of package. Choose either one and you can enjoy your treatments while doing charity!!

As you can see, Murad is not only about the outer appearance of looking good. Dr. Murad believes in an inclusive approach to healthy skin and overall well-being. The Murad philosophy is to look better, live better and feel better. I was really captured by the concept and that's why the therapist will not only talk about your skin concerns but also advise you on your food intake, supplements etc for an overall well being.

Dr Howard Murad wrote a book as well about 'Creating a Healthy Life' but it's not for sale.
It is displayed at the skin centre.

It's all about being positive in life which I cannot agree more. No matter how much you care for your skin but if you're so negative all the time, everything will be affected.
'Accept the fact that you're imperfect, and you'll live a happier, healthier and longer life'-Dr Murad.

Me and my lovely beauty therapist, Ms.Day! Thank you so much for the entire journey with Murad. I enjoyed it very much!! ^^

Also, thank you for all these samples <3 Can't wait to put them all to good use!

Special thanks to the team at the Murad Skin Centre who were so friendly and really treated me like a VIP. If you want to go for a facial treatment, do go to this centre. Highly recommended by me =) I'm not bias, they are genuinely friendly and helpful! 

Lastly, special thanks as well to Cass for making it all happen and Day for making my short stay there very welcomed. I have always been a fan of Murad and now I'm a much much bigger fan after understanding its philosophy, knowing more of its products and the people there =)

Only thing I would say is since the location is a popular area, finding a parking may be quite a hassle. Other than that, do enjoy the experience at Murad Skin Centre! 

Store: Murad Skin Centre

Address: 54, Jalan SS 21/62, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: 03-77292088

Email: wecare@murad.com.my

For more info, visit www.murad.com.my
Like Murad Malaysia on Facebook.

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  1. i've tried once facial treatment with murad product, the result is very good. really love it. shud go for the package next time. juz asking, if u wanna let go the sample u got? im interested!