July 20, 2013


Did you know, if you're a white card holder of Sephora you'll get a birthday palette during your birthday month?? My birthday has passed quite long but I only just had the time to redeem my birthday palette hehe

Ta-dah!! So kind of Sephora to treat its customers =))

Looks like a small handbag ^^

4 palette of eyeshadow
2 palette for lips
1 blusher

Don't really have the heart to use the palette *laughs* It's too pretty and cute! It's great for travel as well since it's compact and has a small mirror intact.

I was also eyeing 'Soap and Glory' and heard about its bath wonders! So, I couldn't resist to try out it's 'Scrub of your life'.

So I bought the 50ml tube.

It is transparent in colour with pink beads.

The moment you lather it, gosh the fragrant is just heavenly! 
It is very foamy and soapy and you only need very little for the whole body.
This is definitely a 'must-have' in your bathroom!

Love love Sephora. Can walk the whole day and be in awe with all the products! If only I have all the money in the world *laughs*

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