July 14, 2013


This blogger will be taking some time off again! This time is to relax and let days go by without stressing on anything =)) Just a super short getaway and here's what I did!

Need to pamper my skin first before I get sunburnt and what not!
Bought this b.liv Stem Cell Revival mask using the coupon from Worthy Book Ladies Edition

It's slightly sticky after taking the mask off so probably not that suitable for oily skin but if you wash it off(you can as the essence have been absorbed) then it'll be fine. Skin feels refreshed and revived!

And though I technically have all the time in the world, I was kinda short of time *laughs* and I quickly packed all my essentials before going off!

All my travel size!
L'OREAL Liss Ultimate shampoo and hair mask from Vanity Trove
REN's Morrocan Rose Otto body wash

And of course I have to protect my skin from the scorching sun!
Biore UV Aqua rich with SPF 50
Avene Thermal Spring Water from Vanity Trove
Johnson's Body Care Naturally White Daily UV Lotion

And I'm off! Tata ^^

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