July 12, 2013

Nature & Co Vital Purity Lift Mask

I'm definitely a 'mask' girl! I love masking and can never get enough of it! It's an easy and cheap way to pamper your face for a short amount of time without needing to go for spa/facial if you're really busy.

I have a whole load of masks for reviews so be prepared for a mass mask reviews on 'Dreamer' hehe

First up is Nature & Co Vital Purity Lift Mask. But this is only a sample I got from the HiShop Ambassador Pack. This is also my very first clay mask. I have never used clay mask before so was quite excited to feel the difference in texture.

It's all in Japanese so read HERE for more info.

-Tightens pores and smoothens skin texture
-This cool-feeling lift mask smoothens out sagging skin
-The natural clay ingredients banish dullness to produce soft, smooth skin
-No artificial coloring


Beauty Formulation:
-Organic plant extract essence (moisturizing)
-Organic lavender extract essence
-Organic chamomile extract essence

Ingredients for healthy, firm, and lustrous skin:
-Natural Vitamin E (emollient)
-Collagen (moisturizing)
-GABA (moisturizing)
-Hot spring water

How to use:

Apply once or twice a week after washing your face. Spread an amount about the size of four cherries evenly over your face so that the skin is covered and rinse off after approximately 5 minutes. Apply skin lotion/toner to complete the skin treatment.

It has a really thick texture. Since the sample is 13g, therefore it's quite a lot for just one application. I used it once and kept it for another time.

Just spread it across your face. Be sure not to make it too thick otherwise it'll be harder to wash off.

It has a fragrant smell and just when I cut open the sachet, I can already smell the fragrance. The clay mask is also pretty thick and tight. Have you ever used bedak sejuk? It has a similar effect. Be sure not to laugh or smile too much, because it feels like you have just gone through botox *laughs* Skin feels pretty tight which is good as it means its tightening my pores.

After effect: This mask is fantastic for oil control! I'm not sure if it will be too dry for those with dry skin but because I have oily skin, I love how my skin is oil free and pores feel tighten =)

You can purchase the full size of 140ml at RM88.90 at HiShop

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