July 25, 2013


Does this wall painting look very familiar to you? =)
You must have seen many people posing this kind of tourist picture lol

Well, if you go to Penang, this is a MUST see because it's so famous. It came out in the papers, hence, it's such a famous tourist spot. You can see people going to all these wall arts taking pics. So, that's my tourist-y picture LOL The name of the street is called Love Lane. Such nice name, right?? But the arts are not only situated there...It's around the area, so you must hunt for the arts. However, the street is pretty old and quite dirty and very narrow. It should be upgraded if it's a good tourist spot. 

A gigantic painting of a cat!

Wall painting together with steels and wires to make it 3D!
And so many more around the area. Happy hunting for these awesome arts!

 Some really gorgeous places I visited in Penang!

Kek Lok Si temple! 
Just look at how beautiful it is! It's like a whole other empire there!

Took the elevated lift up and saw a huge statue of Guan Yin!

There's also a zodiac park with all the zodiac animals on display.
I was born in the goat's year!

After that, just next to Kek Lok Si, is Penang Hill.

We took the newly upgraded train up to Penang Hill aka Bukit Bendera.
If you're a student, it only cost you RM4!! So remember that student ID!

Inside the comfy train.

Penang Hill was very misty and cold!! It's like in Genting Highlands!

You can practically see the whole of Penang up there. Such a nice chilly place to walk around and look see. There are some parks and museums but need additional entry fees.

And we thought seeing Guan Yin at Kek Lok Si was huge enough but then we went to visit..

The Reclining Buddha.
This statue was super huge as well.
There are a lot of temples in Penang but these two are the really famous ones.

Of course, what's going to Penang without filling your stomach, right?

The famous laksa, cendol and rojak.

Nasi Kandar Line Clear.

I would not dwell too much on the food, because after coming back I became super sick and it's probably nothing to do with the food there and something to do with me as I have not been eating out during exam period and the change of lifestyle made my tummy a bit haywire I guess.

That's all about Penang ^^ I'll be away again soon ^^

(P/S: Photo credits to my friend as my camera is almost dying on me and I haven't claimed my new camera yet lol)

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