July 11, 2013

IGLOO app- Watch ads and get paid!

IGLOO app is an app in phones which allows users to receive instant deals/advertisements and get paid! Like seriously, this is no scam. I would not do a review and scam you readers. That's my word!

Igloo App is a mobile based smart advertising system that is revolutionary in its own way. Users get advertisements that are catered to them according to their age, gender, interests and profile from a direct info submission via the app. 

Watching adverts have never been so fun these days! You know how whenever you watch TV and suddenly there's a cliffhanger and it went poof for advertisement! It's irritating right and it's even more annoying when the ad does not concern you.

Now, with Igloo, not only it is fun and exciting to view ads which you're interested in but you'll also get your mobile phone bill paid for viewing them!

Here's an introductory video about Igloo.

All you have to do is Download Igloo App on IOS or Android(Search for Igloo App at your respective App Store) and sign up at the page!

Choose and customise what kind of advertisements you would like to receive and you can already start viewing them!

You can also choose if you want alcohol related ads.

Of course, top of my list is fashion and here are some of my customised ads...

Marc by Marc Jacobs. *swoon* I immediately double clicked the ad...

Which brought me to the Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 Wilhelmina video.
Now, this is the kind of ad I'm talking about!
Something I would love to watch AND get paid for!!

Armani Exchange.

DKNY Jeans.

CRES Wellness.

So, you wonder how much you actually get paid? Igloo users will receive cash of RM 0.15 every time they click on the advertisement image and video image.

Payments are only done by Igloo App when the users asks for a Cash Out depending on their achieved amount balance. Payment will then be made to their respective telco to reduce their mobile bills.

I'm getting there haha...You can cash out when you reach RM30!
Good luck!! Start viewing ads now and earn money =))

For more info about Igloo app:
Website: www.igloo-interactive.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/iglooapp

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