July 18, 2013

Bifesta eye makeup remover

I got to try the famous Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover from my June's trove
Put it to try with my waterproof mascara and waterproof eyeliner!

Vanity Trove gave a 30ml bottle.
Made in Japan.

Do shake well before use to mix the double layer.
It will turn slightly milky like above.

My full eye makeup.

Spreaded it on a cotton wool and soaked my eye makeup.

One eye done!

Verdict: My eye makeup did come off easy however there's still some mascara residue. But, after a few more wipes, it will all come off. It does take a few wipes though and not just one swipe. 
I like that it's not oily and it does not sting my eyes. I don't mind about the few wipes as long as all my eye makeup comes off. Or else, it's irritating to have residue stucked on it.

Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover retails at RM26.90 for 145ml.

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