January 25, 2013

Johnson's body care lotion

Johnson's Body Care lotion, enriched by natural ingredients,  is formulated to deeply nourish dull and dehydrated skin with minimum fuss, leaving skin glowing with silky smoothness. The skin friendly range has four variants, namely the 24 Hour Lasting Moisture Body Lotion, Oxygen Fresh Gel-lotion, Melt Away Stress Daily Calming Lotion and Naturally White Daily UV Lotion. It comes in three sizes; 100ml, 200ml and 400ml.

Johnson's Body Care Range.

24 Hour Lasting Moisture Body Lotion

The lotion blends the goodness of shea butter, Vitamin E and jojoba oil to create a nurturing concoction, combating skin tightness, flakiness and reviving dull skin tone resulting in gorgeous glowing complexion.

This lotion smells the nicest among the four and it's best used for those who are frequently working in an air conditioned room as it helps moisturise dry skin.

200ml retails for RM10.90.

Oxygen Fresh Gel-lotion

Light gel lotion that is non sticky with fast absorption texture. Enriched with ocean minerals and infused with coralline extract to help skin cells absorb oxygen. Contains aqua moisture essence for long lasting hydration.

This lotion is the most popular among consumers because of the lightweight texture. This lotion dries the fastest among the four and it's non sticky at all. It leaves skin soft and refreshed. This is also my favourite lotion!

The lightweight gel lotion!

200ml retails for RM10.90.

Melt Away Stress Daily Calming Lotion

The soothing formula combines lavender, chamomile and moonflower to create "AROMASOOTHE" fragrance, a formula which clinically proven to keep calm and relaxed.

It is best used during night time when winding down after a tired and long day. It helps to melt away tired and tight muscles keeping you relaxed for a good night's sleep. The aroma is really soothing and calming!

200ml retails for RM10.90.

Naturally White Daily UV Lotion

A daily SPF8 lotion with Micro Pigment sunscreen and protection from UVA and UVB that deflects harmful rays and prevents darkening. It also contains natural milk extract and active Vitamin C, which lightens and nourishes the skin.

If you're not the outdoors kind but still do get exposed to the sunlight when going out, this is suitable for a mild SPF lotion to guard your skin against darkening and harmful rays.

200ml retails for RM12.50.

I have been using all four variants interchangeable everyday to suit my daily life. It really does soften skin and all are lightly fragrant to leave skin smelling nice all day long!!

The four variants of lotion also come with their own pair of powders.

Neelofa, one of the ambassadors, in a video shown to the audience at the fashion show taught us to use the lotion first on the skin, leave it to dry and then pat some powder on it resulting in fresh glowing and smooth skin all day long!

100g powder retails for RM2.50 and 200g retails for RM8.90.

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